Obtaining permanent residence in South Africa: Pros and cons of living in the republic

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Obtaining permanent residence in South Africa: Pros and cons of living in the republic

 South Africa is a country with technological start-ups, an almost Mediterranean climate, and the richest national composition. 

  It is an interesting, exotic country with a rich culture. South Africa is a major exporter of minerals, so the economy is booming and international investment has picked up in recent years. The 2010 FIFA World Cup was a particularly attractive location for tourism, business, and enterprise development.

  South Africa is the most developed country in Africa. There is a mix of many cultures and nationalities - only the official state languages in South Africa are eleven: English, Afrikaans, Kosa, Zulu, Sesotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Venda, Northern Sotho, Southern Ndebele, and Tswana. 

  South Africa is located in several climate zones, so you can fry an egg in the sand of the Kalahari Desert in the summer and ski in the Dragon Mountains in the winter. The local nature is striking in its beauty and diversity. In some areas of the cities can be found walking baboons, and in reserves and parks, you can observe a large number of animals, such as giraffes, zebras, and penguins.

Pros and cons of living in South Africa

  South Africa is suitable for people who like travel, exoticism, a relaxed lifestyle, varied and pleasant climate. And also if you are a qualified specialist in IT, medicine, or technical professions, or have decided to launch a start-up/business. 

Let's list the pros and cons of living in South Africa:

Almost Mediterranean climate;

Many opportunities for outdoor activities;

English is a major language;

Friendly local people;

Relaxed atmosphere;

Inexpensive food;

Good level of education;

The low crime rate in tourist and economic centers;

Consider the disadvantages:

Crime and corruption;


Lack of middle class;

High level of poverty;

Lack of cultural entertainment;

Poor transportation system;

Lack of systemic education;

Getting a Permanent Residence Permit in South Africa

To move to South Africa there are currently two options:

Find an employer in advance and get an invitation. This is quite difficult to do because of the competition in the labor market and not the most welcoming attitude to immigrants now.

Open your own business. In this case, you need to invest R5 million ($368,196 at the October 30, 2015 exchange rate) in the economy and create some jobs, preferably for blacks, and at least 40 percent of all jobs should be given to South African citizens. It would become possible to summon oneself to the country on contract, for example, for 5 years. That is how long one must live in the country to obtain a permanent residence permit.

  Permanent residency in South Africa seems to be beneficial to the country for people. This status is personally awarded at the level of the Ministry of the Interior for special services to the country. Therefore, along with the application, it is necessary to send a motivation letter, which to specifies the reasons for such a request. As well as provide relevant documents.

  As for citizenship, people who have lived on the territory of South Africa for 5 years have the right to obtain it. This period may be 2 years for a spouse where one of the spouses is South African. Note that the state officially recognizes dual citizenship, which many people in the country enjoy today.

List of reasons for obtaining a residence permit:

Going to university;

Family reunification;

Marriage to a South African citizen;

Investing in the country and doing business;

Work visa;

High passive income;

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