How to move for permanent residence in Albania: ways of immigration and buying property

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How to move for permanent residence in Albania: ways of immigration and buying property

Albania is a country located in Europe, in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. The state is a candidate for joining the European Union with a steadily developing economy. An additional advantage of the territory is the mild Mediterranean climate. The western coast of Albania is washed by the Adriatic Sea. Thanks to this, the tourism business is actively developing in the country. Tourists from other European countries come here.

Albania is seen by many as a destination for further immigration. To do this, you must first obtain a residence permit, and then the right to permanent residence (permanent residence). The government of the country provides foreigners with several options to stay in the country for a long time or permanently.

Ways to immigrate to Albania

As of the summer of 2022, there are 7 ways of official immigration to Albania with the possibility of further obtaining permanent residence and citizenship.

1. Family reunion.

2. Buying a property.

3. Business immigration.

4. work in the country.

5. Marriage.

6. Education.

7. Special services to the Albanian state.

The following is a summary of each of them.

Family reunion

This option is suitable for relatives of an Albanian citizen who, for one reason or another, are currently outside the country and want to reunite the family. To do this, you must prove the relationship. This is done exclusively in court with the participation of lawyers and experts. As a rule, for this, it is necessary to provide documents and other evidence, based on which the migration service will grant the right to the Albanian family to be reunited.

Purchase a property

Wealthy foreigners have the opportunity to buy property in Albania. This is considered an investment in the economy. In this case, the migration service provides the owner of the accommodation with a long-term visa type D, which is valid for 1 year with the possibility of extension. Also, a foreigner in this case has the right to apply for a residence permit. The right to a residence permit is renewed every 2 years. After 5 years from the date of obtaining a residence permit, a foreigner has the right to obtain permanent residence in Albania.

Business Immigration

The policy of the Albanian government is aimed at attracting as many investments as possible to the country. Therefore, it facilitates the conditions for doing business with foreign citizens. In 2009, a simplified company registration was introduced. You need to pay for it 250 to 400 euros, and the procedure takes 1 day. The authorized capital and maintenance are minimal.

Wealthy people can buy Albanian citizenship. To do this, it is necessary to invest at least 100 thousand euros in the country's economy and draw up the relevant documents. After that, he becomes a full citizen of the country. At the same time, the government adjusts in which particular areas of the economy it is desirable to invest. These requirements must be specified separately.


The unemployment rate in the country is 15%. Therefore, the Albanian government also encourages labor migration. However, for the employee, there are several difficulties. First, you need to know the Albanian language. Secondly, the employer is in charge of processing the visa and other documents. And this means that you need to negotiate with him in advance. Not every local employer will want to do this.

However, for foreigners who know English well, local travel companies offer work as translators, guides, waiters, and other positions.

Registration of marriage

To immigrate to Albania and become its citizen, you can marry a local citizen. This is a popular way for girls.


Albanian universities are not very popular in Europe. However, many people from other countries come here to study. After receiving a diploma, you can get a job in a local company. In 2022, the price of one year of study is between 2,000 and 6,000 euros per year.

Special Merit

The country's government reserves the right to grant Albanian citizenship to foreigners. These are rare, but they were. Typically, this approach is implemented for scientists, culture, art, sports, and other spheres of human activity.

Obtaining permanent residence in Albania

The right to the permanent residence can be obtained after 5 years from the date of obtaining a residence permit. In turn, a residence permit is issued for a period of 3 months to 2 years. The border can be crossed under a visa-free regime or with a long-term visa type D. A residence permit can be obtained in one of the above ways. A person who has received permanent residence and lived without a break in Albania for 5 years has the right to apply for full citizenship.