Health care system of Albania: medical centers, spa treatment for tourists



Health care system of Albania: medical centers, spa treatment for tourists

Albania is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula that is actively developing tourism and health resorts. A country with a special culture (the only one in the centre of Europe where the majority of the population adheres to Islam), a southern climate and a maritime coastline is increasingly attracting the attention of tourists from different regions. But some go to Albania to recover and receive first-class treatment. So how can medicine in Albania be of any interest?

Albania's healthcare system

Public medicine in Albania operates in three types: primary, secondary and tertiary. The patient receives primary care from a general practitioner, and specialist care after referral to a specialist. Tertiary medical care is long-term and highly specialised treatment for chronic diseases. However, the quality of service and condition of medical equipment in private clinics is much higher. Furthermore, the majority of dental services in the country are provided in private centres.

Albania has a compulsory health insurance fund, which is financed by contributions from the salaries of employers and employees. Thanks to such a system, Albanians can receive free treatment in state institutions. But foreigners are forced to pay for everything except emergency care. Medicines are sold more cheaply in Albanian pharmacies for low-income population groups. Health insurance also covers part of the cost of prescription drugs.
Health care in Albania has been actively reformed in recent years. For example, Albanians are currently trying to reform the transfer of the medical system to electronic resources. There should be monitoring of pharmaceutical stocks in pharmacy wholesalers, virtual medical records, electronic prescriptions and online consultations. And the Albanian authorities are counting on the help of international organisations to provide modern medical equipment to state hospitals.

Best medical centres in Albania

American Hospital of Albania, which has been operating for more than 15 years, was the first private hospital in the country. Initially, the clinic specialised in heart disease. But now the medical centre has expanded its profile and created a network of hospitals providing services in many medical fields. Some of the most complex operations are performed here, including kidney transplants, heart aortic surgery and cochlear (hearing) implants.
The SanArt Dental Studio dental clinic practices many modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases, as well as prosthetics. For example, oral surgery, digital smile design, digital implantation, orthodontic services, etc. are available at the medical facility.
The centre of cardiovascular care at the German Tirana Hospital is the largest in Albania and one of the best in all the Balkan countries. Many foreign specialists from Germany and Austria work at the hospital. The medical facility specialises in cardiology and has an international team of highly qualified cardiac surgeons. They perform complex heart operations using state-of-the-art technology.

Health retreats in Albania

Albania's rich nature and Mediterranean climate have given the country many spa resorts. After all, thermal springs with mineral waters and other recreational resources attract many tourists to Albania. Also, recreation with health-promoting effects is often arranged in coniferous forests and on sea coasts. Medical tours in Albania are particularly suitable for people suffering from musculoskeletal, skin, nervous and cardiovascular diseases.

The most popular health resorts in Albania:
Bilay – thermal waters with high contents of iron, potassium, magnesium, etc.
Shenzhen – coniferous forests scattered nearby.
Vronomero – thermal waters with a high concentration of salt and minerals.
Elbasan – has been known since ancient Roman times, the springs are rich in hydrogen sulphide.
Peshkopi – mountain springs containing potassium and treating respiratory diseases.
Benja – outdoor thermal waters, good for stomach and skin problems.