Recommendations for finding a job in Albania: prospects and earnings in the country



Recommendations for finding a job in Albania: prospects and earnings in the country

Albania has been one of the candidates for membership in the European Union for eight years. The situation has a familiar ring - there is ambition and desire to live and work in a large European family, but among the main obstacles, there are high levels of unemployment, corruption, crime, and underdeveloped infrastructure in particular. Albania is primarily an agricultural country, but today it is one of the poorest in Europe. This affects the possibilities of finding a job in the country, but if you want one, you can find it in various fields.

Work permit in Albania

For official employment in the country, foreigners must obtain a work permit. This must be done at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Albania. For long-term residence in the country for professional activities, it is necessary to obtain a residence permit. This is issued at each local police station. Next, a foreigner applying to work in Albania must sign a contract with a local company, and only then are the documents for moving and working legally drawn up. The work permit in Albania is issued for one year with the right of renewal.

Recommendations on finding a job in Albania

Most jobs for foreigners are concentrated in Albania's capital Tirana and the large cities of Durres, Vlorë, and Berat. Regardless of the type of employment, a good knowledge of Albanian or English plays an important role. In addition, for a successful job search it is also recommended to:

write a competent CV and cover letter;

register on the professional social networking site

apply to international companies operating in Albania through official websites;

monitor job searches on thematic forums and groups on social networks, as well as on specialized job search sites. Among those in Albania, it is worth mentioning:

you can also use the services of an international recruitment agency.

Potential occupations and salaries

The most promising areas in Albania are multinational corporations, where there is a constant demand for technical experts, especially programmers. Educational institutions and public schools need English teachers. During the holiday season, there is a demand for workers in leisure and tourism. The country's economy is dominated by the agricultural sector, with the majority of the population working in agriculture.

The average salary in Albania as of summer 2022 is 56,400 Albanian lek per month, or €460. The official minimum wage is 32,000 lek, or €260. Higher incomes for foreigners are offered in multinational companies or large investment projects. For example, in transport infrastructure. In these positions in Albania, you can earn between €500-1000 per month or more.