Places to visit in Albania: the best beaches and attractions for tourists



Places to visit in Albania: the best beaches and attractions for tourists

In recent years, travelers in the tourism industry have referred to Albania as "the new summer holiday idea". During the high season, the country of southeastern Europe enjoys great popularity, despite its young age. At the same time, Albania has great potential (nature, air, sea, service, ancient sights, probably delicious cuisine) and is always recommended by travel agencies for a mandatory visit. In addition, the region is perfect for fans of eco-tourism. The ideal period to visit the country is June-September.

Recommended resorts in Albania

Durres is one of the most affordable and budget places in yet unspoiled Albania. Accommodation prices here are usually lower compared to others. This is the closest resort to Tirana Airport (approximately 32 km), ideal for lovers of a leisurely transfer. A well-developed hotel base allows tourists to choose accommodation for every taste, whether it is a hotel on the first line or cozy apartments. Many work according to the famous ALL concept (all-inclusive). It is worth noting that the hotels in the resorts of Albania have compact territories, similar to any European hotels, with no large rooms, and often the absence of water parks. A vast number of cafes and restaurants, with their Balkan cuisine, will not leave any tourist indifferent. Durres also has a well-developed infrastructure for the smallest guests, there are water parks, attractions, and playgrounds for children.

Vlora, one of the largest resort areas in Albania, is located a little further from the airport (approximately 135 km), but the transfer is quite comfortable. In its price category, it is also quite an affordable place for any traveler. Many chain hotels have SPA centers and clean pools. The cuisine of Vlora is famous for its delicious and at the same time, not expensive seafood. For longer stays, there are always villas, apartments, or apartments for rent with their kitchen.

Saranda and Ksamil. It is worth noting that these are the most distant resort regions from Tirana airport (280-290 km). Thus, preparing for the transfer in advance (comfortable clothes, shoes, water, snacks). Two small towns, almost next to each other, rightfully received the name "Albanian Maldives". It is here that the best beaches and extraordinary beauty of landscapes are located.


Famous beaches for recovery

One of the most important features of the coastline of Albania is the two seas of the Ionian and the Adriatic, why the sea may have an overhead turquoise vista and the region can be safely called the Albanian River. Durres is located on the coast of the Adriatic. Beaches of Duress:

1. The Great Beach (Durres Plaza) of the port. There is a wide beach smug with a soft squeak, why the water here is well warmed up during the season.

2. Golem (Golem). Gentle entry into the sea, near pine forests, soft sand. It's a miracle for children, no matter what age.

3. Beach Chariot (Ferret). A high-class resort with a closed territory. Sandy beach is different in area.

4. Inlet Lalzit (Lalëzi). The quietest, calmest, and farthest beach place with soft white sand.

Vlora is also washed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea. Recommended beaches:

1. Dhermi (Dhermi) with citrus groves, olive plantations, high mountains, and pine forests with pebble beaches.

2. Himara May there be great small beaches with clean sand.

 3. Orikum (Orikum) is a famous golden beach. Quiet, calm, and romantic place with the opportunity to hold picnics on the white sand.

 4. Palasa (Palasa) is the most distant and specific place in a small village. There is nothing here, a crimson nature, a bright blue sea, and relaxation. The entrance to the sea is steep, and not suitable for children.

The beaches of Ksamil on the Ionian Sea, regardless of the great distance from other resorts, are necessarily ideal for not only the grown-up but the smallest tourists. All beaches - Bora Bora, Three Islands, and Lori Beach, are located in safe bays and have a gentle entrance with warm emerald water and white sand.

The shores of Saranda (Ionian Sea) are protected from strong currents, rocks are scattered in the bays. Near the Center - the central beach of Saranda, on the South - the beaches of Santa Katarina, Flamingo, Mango, Bistrika, and closer to the North part - the beach of Era, Gzhiri. The seashore and the bottom are crystal clear, covered with pebbles of small roses, and at the same time the entrance is not steep, but smooth, it is necessary to walk 10 meters to the depth.


Top best places in Albania

Albania, of course, has a rich history. That is why it will become curious and for educational purposes. We recommend the top spots:

1. Berat is also a city museum of ancient architecture and history. Gorgeous views around the castle, and inside you can visit several ancient museums and centuries-old artifacts.

2. Karst source "Blue Eye" (Syri I Kaltër) in the south of Albania - is part of the national park and is under the protection of the country. The water in this spring is not really blue, which is why the spring got its name.

3. Fortress Rozafa. Rather more like the ruins of a fortress in Albania. Rozafa is divided into several tiers, a wonderful view of Skadar Lake opens from above, and a museum of history is opened inside the fortress.

4. Skadar Lake is the largest on the Balkan Peninsula. It is a must to visit and is famous for its exquisite beaches, incredible wildlife, clear water, and pristine nature. 5. Skanderbeg Square. In the center of the square of the capital of Tirana, there is a monument to Skanderbeg, who became the national hero of the country. As well as the Haji Ethem Bay Mosque, the Opera House, the National Museum and the Saat Kuda clock tower (1822). 

A visit to Albania is ideal for both youth travel and couples (including newlyweds), active tourists, and thanks to the chic beach strip - children's recreation. And undoubtedly it will remain the best travel holiday in the piggy bank of summer memories.