20 best cities in the world for gastronomic tourists in 2024



20 best cities in the world for gastronomic tourists in 2024

It is gastronomic tourism that opens up new tastes and flavors to travelers, thus reflecting the peculiarities of the cultural and historical heritage of different parts of the world. Time Out has created a rating of cities that will definitely surprise you with their culinary traditions. Learn more about the TOP 20 cities for gastronomic tourism in 2024

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Time Out has named the 20 best cities in the world for foodies in 2024. These cities are ideal for gastro-tourism and new culinary experiences. Time Out is a guide to the best places for art, entertainment, food, drink, attractions, and hotels in the world's biggest cities.

Some travelers choose cities for their vacation destinations based on cultural attractions, such as museums and galleries. Others are looking for places with a vibrant nightlife or festivals. For many travelers, however, the most important part of their trip is the food. It is these travelers who wake up on the first day of their trip with the expectation of culinary discoveries: from markets with local specialties to street food and independent restaurants serving unique dishes.

Time Out has compiled a new ranking of the best cities for foodies. Grace Beard, Time Out's travel editor, said in an interview with CNN Travel: “Food is everything when traveling. Good or bad food can make or break a trip. It's usually one of the things we remember the most.”

TOP-3 cities for gastronomic tourism

Naples, Italy, often called the birthplace of pizza, topped Time Out's list of the best cities for foodies in 2024. Naples is famous for its culinary masterpieces, including Margherita pizza, Neapolitan ragù, and sweet sfogliatella. These dishes have become a must-try for every visitor to the city.

For true pizza lovers, Time Out recommends visiting the Santa Maradona pizzeria located in the Spanish quarter of Naples. The owner of the restaurant, Andrea Viviani, told CNN Travel that he is honored to be in the spotlight of Time Out. Viviani emphasized that Naples is not only about food, but much more. The idea of Santa Maradona is to reflect all aspects of this magical city.

Although Viviani wants travelers to enjoy not only the food but also the culture and history of Naples, he recognizes that many tourists come with a strong desire to learn about the city's traditions and taste the fantastic pizza. It is the culinary traditions that make Naples unique and unforgettable for every gourmet.

Johannesburg (South Africa) took the second place in the Time Out list. Culinary columnist Tando Moleketi-Williams recommends visiting the central Braamfontein district, where the Mamakashaka and Friends wine bar on De Beer Street and the Artivist restaurant and gallery are located. A must-try dish in the city is the “kota” sandwich - stuffed bread with delicious ingredients such as potato chips, sausage, egg or cheese. In addition, it is worth paying attention to “banny chow” - South African street food with curry, meat or beans stuffed inside bread.

Lima, Peru, rounds out the top three, where visitors are recommended to try ceviche and arroz con pollo (chicken and rice). Of particular note is the Central restaurant, which was recently ranked number one in the World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2023. Lima offers an incredible culinary experience that is sure to please every gourmet.

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The list of the best cities for traveling for true gourmets

The list of the best cities for foodies according to Time Out also includes Ho Chi Minh City (fourth place), Beijing (fifth) and Bangkok (sixth). According to Grace Beard of Time Out, all the cities on the list have in common that they are experiencing a culinary renaissance or are particularly lively at the moment. Byrd told CNN Travel that affordability plays an important role in creating this ranking, and editors were looking for cities where quality food is available for travelers on any budget.

Portland, USA, was ranked number ten in the Time Out ranking. According to Time Out, Portland is a must-see for pizza lovers. The local Mexican pizza, filled with taco ingredients, was named the dish with the best price-quality ratio.

In the UK, Liverpool took eleventh place, just missing the top ten cities. Time Out recognized the city's signature dish Scouse, a rich stew of beef or lamb. Liverpool writer Alice Porter emphasized the emergence of many new gastronomic enterprises, such as Manifest: a restaurant included in the Michelin Guide.

The best cities for food according to Time Out in 2024:

1. Naples, Italy

2. Johannesburg, South Africa

3. Lima, Peru

4. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

5. Beijing, China

6. Bangkok, Thailand

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

8. Mumbai, India

9. Dubai, UAE

10. Portland, USA

11. Liverpool, UK

12. Medellin, Colombia

13. Seville, Spain

14. Porto, Portugal

15. Marrakech, Morocco

16. Lyon, France

17. Sydney, Australia

18. Montreal, Canada

19. Osaka, Japan

20. Copenhagen, Denmark

As a reminder, the Daily Mail has created a list of the nine most dangerous natural attractions in the world that tourists should approach with extreme caution. It is always important to be informed and cautious when visiting such places.

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