How to get a permanent residence in Turkmenistan: documents for obtaining a residence permit

Residence permit


How to get a permanent residence in Turkmenistan: documents for obtaining a residence permit

Turkmenistan – a country once traversed by the Silk Road, so it retains unique cultural and architectural monuments that attract tourists. Today, however, it is a post-Soviet country whose isolation can be compared to North Korea. Nevertheless, Turkmenistan's economy is more developed, and its standard of living is higher than in the DPRK, thanks to its ability to extract and process oil and gas on its own. What is rather special about it is that citizens do not pay for utilities and receive 120 litres of petrol for free from the state every month.

Although Turkmenistan is a closed country, you can obtain two types of residence permits:

temporary residence permit,

permanent residence permit.

How to obtain a residence permit in Turkmenistan?

People who are at least 16 years old can obtain a residence permit in Turkmenistan. Also, a child under the age of 16 can obtain a residence permit if the permit was obtained by his/her parents. Once a person has reached the age of 25 and 45, he or she must apply to the Ministry of Interior to change the photo on the documents. After obtaining a residence permit, a person must obtain a residence permit. The residence permit is issued for 5 years but can be extended – contact the migration service for this.

Turkmen legislation clearly defines the list of people who can obtain a residence permit in Turkmenistan:

а) people of Turkmen nationality,

b) people who are married to a Turkmen citizen,

c) people who have close relatives in Turkmenistan - spouse, parents, brother or sister, children (including adopted), grandchildren, grandparents,

d) people who have registered guardianship of citizens of Turkmenistan,

e) persons who have invested more than USD 500,000 in the economy of Turkmenistan,

f) highly qualified specialists, as well as talented scientists, athletes, and artists who can operate to the benefit of Turkmenistan,

g) CIS citizens and stateless persons who received a residence permit before the introduction of the CIS visa regime.

h) people who have lived in the territory of Turkmenistan for more than 2 years.

Another condition for obtaining a residence permit is a stable income that will give the opportunity to live in the country or a guarantee of employment or a guarantee from Turkmen citizens to support the person and, if necessary, his/her family members.

Reasons for refusal of a permit:

submission of false information,

serious crimes, including crimes against humanity,

HIV/AIDS, venereal diseases, and others on the list of the country's Ministry of Health,

if the applicant had an entry restriction to Turkmenistan – until the end of the restriction period. 

The application or a residence permit is examined in turn by the internal affairs authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Interior Ministry, the National Security Committee, the presidential commission, and the President of Turkmenistan himself.

Documents required to obtain a residence permit in Turkmenistan:

petition of an established template on behalf of the President,


a certificate of income or a guarantee from a Turkmen citizen who undertakes to support the person,

a document certifying citizenship of another state or lack of citizenship,

document on payment of state tax,

a document on the place of residence and composition of the family

four photographs of the installed sample.

Non-Turkmen citizens who wish to obtain a residence permit must apply through the consulate or embassy of Turkmenistan in their country.

A person will be denied a residence permit if he or she commits one or more violations:

deliberately reported false information,

found guilty of a serious crime,

may endanger the public peace or threaten state security, is a member of a terrorist or extremist group,

has a drug addiction

is a military soldier of another country – if not provided for in a treaty with Turkmenistan,

if the marriage to a Turkmen citizen was a marriage of convenience, the spouse's divorce before the expiry of 5 years from the marriage and at the same time have no children,

permanently resides outside Turkmenistan for one year without a valid reason supported by documents.

After 7 years of residence on the territory of Turkmenistan (2 years before obtaining a residence permit and 5 years with a permit) a person can apply to the President for citizenship.

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