Employment of foreigners in Turkmenistan: how to find a job



Employment of foreigners in Turkmenistan: how to find a job

When looking for a job abroad, first of all, we pay attention to the quality of employment in the country and the possibility of receiving high wages. Turkmenistan is one of those countries that can give you such an opportunity. Most of the vacancies here are in those industries that are the most popular and developed in the country. But if you do not meet the requirements, it will be difficult for you to get a job. 

How to find a job in Turkmenistan

The main requirement is knowledge of the Turkmen language. Without it you will not get a high-paying solid job. You will be offered to work for low pay. You will also need to confirm your work permit and the possibility of residing in the country. If you know several languages, you can work here as a guide or translator, which is also a highly paid profession in Turkmenistan. 

If you decide to look for a job in this country and plan to live there, you can use different options:

- Find out about the job from your friends (maybe someone went there, or someone heard or read something);

- Look for ads in newspapers and magazines (there are often fresh vacancies there);

- Through the labour exchange or recruitment agencies in the country (there are also electronic exchanges);

- And if you are not in Turkmenistan yet, you can use online sources to search for vacancies. 


The easiest sectors to find a job in the country are gas, oil, marketing, construction and finance. The medical sphere is also popular, but you must be a highly qualified specialist and know the Turkmen language. Occupying a marketing position, you can make good earnings and get career growth. This sphere is actively developing, so marketers are in great demand here. There are many vacancies in the financial sector, but it requires high language skills and economic education. Professional doctors who come here to work are highly appreciated. A highly qualified specialist can receive about $ 1000 per month. The most highly paid is the profession of surgeon. Since cities in Turkmenistan are actively being built, a lot of labour is needed for construction. 


Turkmenistan cannot be called a country with a high standard of living. There are very few wealthy people here. Most people here belong to the middle class. However, for those who are permanent residents of the country there are additional benefits: discounts on gasoline and utilities. But all this has its advantages. After all, the cost of food and other essential goods here at very affordable prices. 

On average, salaries in the country range from $ 170 and above. In the capital you can get more, but the standard of living will be different there. In the provinces they pay less, so accommodation will be cheaper. 

Work visa to Turkmenistan

If you have found a job and the employer can send you an invitation, it is time to open a visa. To do this, prepare the necessary documents:

- Application;

- Questionnaire with personal data;

- A copy of the letter with an invitation to work;

- Foreign passport and a copy of the first page;

- Copy of the national passport with all important marks;

- For pensioners you need to provide a copy of the pension certificate;

- Visa application form;

- 3x4 colour photo.

So, to find a good and well-paid job in Turkmenistan is quite real. You only need to have good language skills and high qualifications, as well as to choose a vacancy that you like. Then you can actively work and improve your standard of living in another country. 

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