Education and the education system in Finland: how much does education cost, documents for university admission



Education and the education system in Finland: how much does education cost, documents for university admission

Finland is famous all over the world for the quality of its educational system. A diploma from a Finnish university is quoted all over the world, thanks to which you can build a career in many countries.

The structure of the education system

The Finnish education system is divided into three categories:

1. Preschool. This category includes kindergartens and preschool institutions, and preparation for school.

2. Secondary, general, and vocational education. Educational institutions train specialists for work in various sectors of the economy.

3. Higher education. It consists of three levels — bachelor's, master's, and doctoral studies.

Foreigners who come from abroad with children have the opportunity to arrange them in local educational institutions. However, before this, it is necessary to pass an exam for knowledge of Finnish or English. One of them will be needed when studying in high school.

Higher education system

Universities in Finland are divided into two types — applied and academic. Applied educational institutions are designed to graduate specialists in specific sectors of the economy. That is people who can implement their knowledge and skills in an applied manner. Academic universities train specialists for research work. Today there are 14 academic and 26 applied universities in Finland. All of them give the right to study to foreign students.

Training is conducted in full-time and part-time forms. Some educational institutions practice distance learning. This allows you to attend classes while in your home country. At the same time, the received diploma does not depend on the form of education. It is listed in most countries of the world.

To enter a higher educational institution, you must pass the entrance exams. A very strict approach is practiced toward foreign students. In addition to disciplines in the specialty, it is necessary to pass an exam to confirm the level of English IELTS.

Tuition price

For citizens of the country, education in all institutions is free. At the same time, training is conducted in such languages as English, Finnish, and Swedish. In August 2017, the Government of Finland adopted a resolution that from now on education for citizens of countries that are not members of the European Union will be paid. University administrations adhere to a loyal pricing policy. Depending on the university and specialty, the cost of education ranges from 4.5 to 10 thousand euros per year. Free education can still be obtained by studying in Finnish and Swedish.

Required documents

To enter the university, in addition to knowledge and exams, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents. For undergraduate admission, it includes:

certificate of secondary education;

IELTS exam result with a score of 5.5+;

SAT result;

recorded letter or video with motivation for admission;

letter of recommendation.

For admission to the magistracy:

bachelor's diploma;

IELTS 6.0+ exam result;

recorded letter or video with motivation for admission;

letter of recommendation;

GRE/GMAT test result.

Subject to diligent study, the student is eligible for a scholarship. It ranges from 30% to 100% of the cost of education. And some universities even pay extra for students. Therefore, there is enough money not only to pay for tuition but also for living.

Obtaining a student visa

For citizens residing outside the European Union, a student visa is required to study at a Finnish university. It is issued in such cases:

studying at a university where the student is already enrolled;

receiving higher or professional education;

student exchange of experience.

To obtain a student visa, a prospective student must submit the following documents:

Certificate of admission to an educational institution. After enrollment, the administration sends it by e-mail.

Bank account information. It should contain an amount calculated for 560 euros per month or 6720 euros per year. If the university provides students with housing, this amount may be less.

Completed electronic application form. It needs to be downloaded, printed, and filled out.

International passport.

Photos of the established sample.

Certificate or diploma of previous education.

Medical insurance policy. Different insurance companies offer different options.

Documents must be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate of Finland. The visa is issued within a few days. It makes sense to buy insurance from a trusted insurance company, whose specialists will select the best option for a particular case.

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