Work in Finland: language skills, employment benefits, work visa



Work in Finland: language skills, employment benefits, work visa

For several years in a row, Finland has topped the world rankings as the happiest country. In particular, the well-developed work sphere influences the harmonious and stable life of the population. Working in this country makes it possible to obtain high-quality financial support and social security even for foreigners.

Advantages of working in Finland

Above all, many people in Finland are attracted by the level of wages, which is quite high even compared to other European countries. This is not even prevented by the lack of a legislated minimum wage. After all, Finns build business relationships, and all relationships in society, on trust. As a result, you can be sure of your employer's good faith. Incidentally, working time in Finland is set at 40 hours a week. And for overtime, employees can demand additional payment.

Employment in another EU country, as long as you work in Finland, will be simplified. And if you sign an employment contract for more than two years, foreign workers in the country receive a full social package, including benefits for medical assistance or even home care. In general, employees are entitled to sickness benefits after one month. The employer is also obliged to insure foreign workers against accidents. 

The need to know the language

Officially, there are two state languages in the country: Finnish and Swedish. At least one of these should be studied by anyone wishing to build a career in Finland. English will of course facilitate the communication process, but Finnish is the main language of communication for most companies. However, the language skill requirements for seasonal workers are much lower. In addition, free Finnish language courses are offered to foreigners as soon as they settle in.

Promising occupations in Finland

Woods cover three-quarters of Finland. Therefore, there is always a need for workers in wood processing companies or forest berry and mushroom picking. The country also has a large number of poultry farms, greenhouses, and farms, indicating growth prospects in the agricultural sector. Current job vacancies for various specialties can be found on these popular job search websites: job market and Eazy.

The most sought-after employees in Finland are:

medical personnel;

IT specialists;


chemical industry specialists;

preschool teachers;

forestry and agriculture professionals.

Work visa for Finland

A permit is required for legal employment in the country. But work visas are only compulsory for holders of foreign passports without biometrics. If you have biometrics, you can enter Finland with a seasonal work certificate (up to 3 months). You can find out more about the rules for crossing the border and the procedure for submitting documents on the website of the Migration Service.

But such a certificate is not available to everyone. Representatives of countries that are not part of the Schengen area or with which Finland has no visa facilitation agreement must obtain a work visa. Although, in this case, the employer must confirm at the labor exchange that there are no Finnish citizens or representatives of the European Union willing to fill the vacant position. And if a long-term visa is issued, foreign nationals must obtain a residence permit for the country.

There are two types of work visas:

С3 – issued for up to 90 days (suitable for employment for seasonal work and does not require a temporary residence permit).

D – issued for a fixed period in the employment contract (usually for 1 year, with the possibility of extension).

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