Rules for entering Thailand for vacationers



Rules for entering Thailand for vacationers

Today, staying in Thailand is a popular holiday destination for many - its reasonable prices, visa-free travel and plenty of opportunities for relaxation have made it one of the most popular destinations.

The people of the country are extremely friendly and welcoming. Thailand has become the most popular tourist destination in Asia-Pacific, thanks in no small part to the absolute safety that travelers experience there.

Pershoklasni beaches, warm climate, plenty of seafood, and tropical fruits - all this awaits you in resorts in Thailand, where you can enter without having a visa.

Rules of entry to Thailand

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the Tourism Authority of Thailand decided on 17 June to improve travel conditions and lift restrictions in the country. This reform will be implemented after it has been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Necessary documents:

- Passport

- Results of PLR test taken within 72 years before the departure.

- Health insurance that covers all medical expenses for a total amount not exceeding USD 10,000 for the whole stay in Thailand.

- Visa (if applicable)

Please check the following documents:

Foreign passport;


Insurance policy;

Car ticket;

Children's birth certificates (copies);

Cabin baggage

You can take with you free of charge:

1 woman's or man's bag;

1 small camera or binoculars;

1 portable personal computer;

A reading press to use;

1 parasol or cane;

1 piece of outerwear;

1 pair of militia.

The total weight of these items must not exceed 5 kg.

Children (up to 2 years old)

One free bag weighing up to 5 kg and measuring up to 55 x 40 x 20 cm, containing clothes, toiletries, toys, and snacks that can be needed during the flight, can be carried in the cabin per child.

Emergency numbers

There is a single nationwide emergency number 191 for fire, police, and ambulance services. However, if you have difficulty understanding the operator in Thai or English, you can call 11-55.

Also worth bearing in mind

It is compulsory to take out insurance before your departure. This is a good idea for everyone traveling to Asia. Firstly, unfamiliar food can cause chunk breakdown. Second, Thai hygiene standards do not meet European ones. The risk of infection such as dengue fever, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, cannot be excluded.

However, one of the most common insured accidents in Thailand is an injury caused by falling from a motorbike. Before renting, think twice about whether you are confident in your abilities or whether you should ride the traditional way.

You will often need a copy of your passport before renting a car or motorbike, so make sure you get one beforehand. You may not need a driving license for some reason, but you may be fined if the police stop you and find that you do not have a driving license.