Pros of getting higher education in Armenia: how to prepare for admission in the country



Pros of getting higher education in Armenia: how to prepare for admission in the country

There are more than 50 higher education institutions in Armenia, welcoming domestic and foreign applicants. Four state universities are internationally managed and students receive a European education. The most common fields of higher education in Armenia are physics, mathematics, chemistry, microbiology, engineering, medicine, and information technology.

Benefits of Higher Education in Armenia

Foreign students are attracted to Armenian education for many reasons:

- The high level with the implementation of the Bologna System.

- The opportunity to study for free when enrolling in a national institution on a competitive basis.

Foreign nationals require secondary education documents for admission to higher education institutions in Armenia. Therefore, those wishing to enroll in higher education should first complete a course of study in their home country.

Migrating students need knowledge of Armenian, as it is mandatory to pass a university admission exam for admission to the university.

What documents do I need to study in Armenia

The documents required for migrant studies are submitted through the Embassy to the Ministry of Education and Science. The complete list includes:

1. Application form;

2. Certificate of general health status (this certificate may also be issued by medical organizations of the Republic of Armenia);

3. Copy of passport;

4. Notarized copy of the birth certificate or copy of baptism certificate (for Diaspora applicants); 

5. Translated and notarized copy of the educational certificate (with grades) and in case of certain countries (countries-participants of the Apostille Convention) - certified by Apostille;

6. 6 3x4 photographs;

7. Autobiography (CV);

8. For postgraduate vocational education and training a scientific paper of 20 pages in Armenian, Russian, or English on the topic of the chosen specialty.

All documents are submitted in Armenian, Russian, or English.

Cost of tuition

Cost may vary depending on the institution, the number of hours, the subjects studied, and the language in which the subject is studied. The most popular private language schools (usually English, Armenian, and Russian) cost AMD 500,000 to 1,000,000 per year.

Preparatory courses

Institutions in this country most often expect applicants to have high grades in Mathematics and English. Consequently, foundation courses often focus on core subjects and practicing for the IELTS exams. There are also Foundation Programmes for international students. Foundation studies last from 3 months to 1 semester. The time frame depends on the entry-level of the student. Irish universities also have summer courses which allow you to take long holidays to improve your English and get to know the university from the inside.