How to get a residence permit and citizenship in Armenia: documents, length of stay, security in the country

Residence permit


How to get a residence permit and citizenship in Armenia: documents, length of stay, security in the country

With a diaspora, nearly 4 times the population of Armenia, people of Armenian descent can be found all over the world. If you immigrate to Armenia, e.g. from UK, USA or France, you will probably find that salaries here are much lower than in your home country and range from 300 to 400 Euros per month. For this reason, you should save on the average cost of moving to Armenia by choosing the best way to transport your belongings. 

Since renting apartments can be expensive, your average monthly living expenses in Armenia will also include utility bills of about 100 euros per month, and the average daily food ration will cost about 5 euros.

Armenia is a very conservative country in regard to its traditions. Therefore, we recommend showing maximum respect to the population and its customs. Never take pictures of the local population without their permission. In addition, waiters, hotel staff, and cab drivers always require a tip: always carry a few coins or small bills.

Although the job market in Armenia may not be as attractive as in the United States or Great Britain, foreigners still migrate in search of work. Jobs for foreigners in Armenia can be found in the IT industry, as well as for skilled workers in medicine and education.

Security measures in Armenia

The crime rate in Armenia is low. Nevertheless, it is recommended to take the usual security measures in tourist areas and in public transport.

On the other hand, travelers are advised not to visit heavily militarized border areas with Azerbaijan, where there is a risk of armed conflict. If you do decide to visit this area, know that it is not under consular protection. You should also avoid the border with Turkey, which remains closed.

If you are traveling by car, you should be extremely careful, as the road network has many safety deficiencies and Armenians are often reckless in driving.

What you need to pack before you travel

The climate is hot. We recommend light clothing that doesn't attract attention, light clothing for the day and a tight jacket for thermal excursions at night, and rain gear for visiting the Vorotan Gorge for tourist purposes. Also arm yourself with sunglasses, mosquito repellent for both body and environment, a sleeping bag and towel, hand sanitizer, a first aid kit, LED flashlight, pen and paper, a utility knife, and a cutlery set. Socks and a plastic bag (for storing shoes) to enter the Blue Mosque in Yerevan.

The best time to travel to Armenia is from May to September when there is very little chance of rain and the temperature is warm, usually, around 23°C, although it can reach up to 33°C.

Due to the fact that Armenia is more than 900 meters above sea level, the temperature at night drops dramatically, and in summer can reach 10°C.

What is needed for obtaining Armenian citizenship

Does a foreigner need a residence permit to open a business in Armenia?

No. It is not necessary to have a residence permit to open a business. On the contrary, residence permits are issued, among other grounds, to those who already have a business.

What do I need to do to start a business?

The RA Civil Code (Article 26) provides several options:

-Creating commercial organizations or owning shares in such organizations,

-Registration as an individual entrepreneur,

-in some limited cases, even without registration.

Organizations and entrepreneurs are registered by the State Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia.

How can the applicant prove that he or she is doing business?

To prove that he or she is doing business, the applicant can submit to the Passport and Visa Office the documents related to the registration of the business organization or individual entrepreneur (e.g. certificate of registration, charter of the organization). The applicant may submit other documents (e.g. tax reports, contracts, receipts, etc.).

Length of stay

A temporary residence permit is issued for a period of 1 year, and a permanent residence permit for 5 years (in both cases renewable). The grounds for obtaining a residence permit are also different for each case, although running a business may entitle you to both temporary and permanent residence permits.

Consular registration is required if you become a resident of a foreign country, i.e. you reside there for more than 183 days. 

Besides, if you pay a state fee of 105,000 AMD for a temporary residence permit, you have to pay 140,000 AMD for a permanent residence permit.

How long does it take to get the result of the application?

The application is considered within 30 days after being submitted to the Passport and Visa Department.

Within this period the Passport and Visa Department considers the submitted documents and makes a decision about granting or refusing to grant the residence permit.

During the same period, the Passport and Visa Department can take measures to verify whether the applicant is actually engaged in entrepreneurial activity. For this purpose, the Passport and Visa Office can gather information by sending inquiries to government agencies and other organizations.

Documents Required

Passport: compulsory and with a remaining validity of at least 180 days in Armenia. Before traveling, it is recommended to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in your country or your travel agent.

Minors travelling abroad: it is recommended to consult the section Travel Documents.

Entry visas: as of January 10, 2013 EU and non-EU Schengen citizens may enter Armenia without a visa for a maximum of 180 consecutive days within a 12-month period. For other types of entry, it is recommended to apply to the competent diplomatic-consular representations of Armenia.

Currency and Customs formalities: The limit for foreign currency exports is US$10,000 (USD).

There are four different types of visas that you can obtain if you want to move to Armenia. These include:

Tourist Visa: for those who want to visit Armenia for less than 180 days and are not on the list of exceptions, you must apply for this visa.

Business visa: for foreigners who want to come to Armenia to conduct or organize a business.

Diplomatic visa: for those who immigrate to Armenia to work in an official or governmental capacity.

Residence permit: for those who want to live, work or study in Armenia or reunite with family members, you must apply for a temporary residence permit for more than 180 days.

What documents do I need to submit in order to get a temporary or permanent residence permit?

1) application,

2) three 35 x 45 mm color photographs,

3) a passport, a copy of the passport, and a notarized translation of the passport into Armenian,

4) documents proving the grounds for obtaining (extending) the residence permit (i.e. documents proving that the person is engaged in entrepreneurial activities)

5) health certificate, 

6) Receipt for payment of state duty (AMD 105,000 or 140,000).

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