Features of employment in Myanmar: how to open a work visa and what documents are needed for this

Myanmar (Burma)


Features of employment in Myanmar: how to open a work visa and what documents are needed for this

Myanmar is a rather poor country in Asia, which shares a common border with Thailand, Laos, and China. The population here lives very modestly. Normal infrastructure is available only in large cities. All laws in the country and other important events are approved only after the opinion of astrologers because the population strongly believes in all this. The economy of the country is based on the export of natural resources and goods for the light industry. The dollar is prohibited here, so if you go here to work, you will receive payment in the national currency. However, the country's leadership very actively attracts foreigners for cooperation, and pays high salaries and pleases with other bonuses. There is no such local population here. And even foreigners can be paid in a currency convenient for them. Migration to this country is quite popular.

Job search abroad

In this country, it is better to look for a job from home. This is because many companies do not have permission to hire foreign workers.

Tips for getting a job:

    • Knowledge of English at least at an intermediate level. Many companies do not require knowledge of the local language. However, it is necessary to live in this country, as the population communicates only in their language in everyday life.

    • Have a higher education in the specialty for which you want to get a job. This will be a great advantage for you among other candidates.

    • You can get an invitation to work in a company if you have work experience. But even with work experience in the desired field, you can find a job even without an invitation.

    • It is necessary to study at least a little about the city in which you are going to work and live. Search for all the necessary locations to know where everything is, and how to ensure a comfortable life in the country.

    • You should have cash in local currency with you. Since the situation with the dollar is difficult here, it is better to play it safe.

    • Of course, it would be good to have vaccines against tropical diseases. Since this is a tropical country, there are many different infections. And going here to work, it is better to protect yourself from unnecessary health problems.

Specialties that are popular in Myanmar

If you have low or no qualifications, you are unlikely to get a job in this country. Locals work here for such jobs, moreover, for very low pay, which is not enough for anything. With experience and qualifications, you can find remote work and then get an official job.

Foreigners can get a job in the following industries:

- education (teaching at a school or university or working as a tutor);

- IT technologies (there is a shortage of such specialists in production);

- engineers;

- marketers (a large shortage of specialists in this field);

- medicine (this field is in a terrible state here, so foreign specialists are hired to improve it);

- a translator (since the locals speak only their language, this branch is important for them).

Work visa

It is a closed country, so it is not easy to get a work visa here. It is better to agree with your employer so that he takes this issue upon himself. You will be spoken to at work in English, so you must have at least an intermediate level.

For many countries of the world, a visa can be issued electronically. It is not necessary to collect many documents. To be able to enter this country, you need to present the following documents:

    • visa application form;

    • you need to specify the point of entry into the country;

    • personal and contact data;

    • certificate of financial possibilities for living in the country;

    • invitation to work from the employer;

    • color photo (3.5 x 4.5).

The Migration Service reviews the documents within three days. After receiving an electronic visa, it will need to be printed and presented at registration.