Vietnam work visa: what you need to know about Vietnam's labour market

Viet Nam


Vietnam work visa: what you need to know about Vietnam's labour market

Vietnam is a small country in South East Asia. It borders Cambodia and Laos to the west and China to the north. Today, Vietnam attracts labour migrants from all over the world, despite significantly lower wages than in developed countries. Moreover, finding a job in Vietnam is not that difficult for those coming to Vietnam to work, as the country itself is loyal to migrating foreigners.

General information

Vietnam's economy is booming. It is no longer dependent on agriculture, which accounts for less than 18% of GDP, and is increasingly focused on the industry. More than 95 million people now live in Vietnam and the working-age population is increasing by about 1 million annually.

Vietnam is a former socialist country. The single-party dictatorship and state economic control continue but have become more pragmatic and actively encourage entrepreneurship. The unemployment rate in Vietnam with its large population is only 2%, which is outstanding even for developed countries.

How do I find a job in Vietnam?

You can look for a job on your own or through special agencies.

Most migrant workers try to find a job in Vietnam on their own to save money. Of course, this method has several advantages. First of all, you can analyse which jobs are most interesting and which are not worth your while. It is also a good idea to meet with employers in person to learn more about the position. This will help you understand the requirements of your prospective employer and help you analyse your future potential.

You can learn a little bit more about the job first hand and you might not want to go anywhere. There are many disadvantages when it comes to finding a job on your own. For example, not all companies want to deal with foreigners, you have to be prepared for rejection right away or with a rather strict attitude in the long run. In addition, no one guarantees that you will find the job you want quickly. It all depends on your will and luck whether you find it in days or months.

Professions in demand

  • Entertainment workers (DJs, dancers, bartenders);
  • High-level managers;
  • IT-specialists;
  • Engineers;
  • Employees of the mining industry;
  • Energy industry professionals;
  • English language teachers;
  • Water sports instructors (diving, kitesurfing);
  • Tour guides;
  • Hotel and restaurant managers.

The largest number of vacancies for foreigners are provided by international companies and organizations.

Documents required for employment in Vietnam

Those planning to work officially in Vietnam require a work permit, contract and visa.

Work Permit

A work permit is issued by the Vietnamese Ministry of Labour. It is advisable to apply before entering the country.

The permit is issued to persons who:

  • Are of legal age (18 years old);
  • Do not have a criminal record in Vietnam or their country of origin;
  •  Meet the requirements for the intended profession in terms of health and physical conditions;
  •  Have the education necessary for the performance of their profession.
  • If you fulfil all these conditions, you can apply for a work permit. This is only possible if your employer approves and processes the documents which have to be collected and submitted to the state authorities.

Required documents

  • A copy of the foreign worker's passport;
  • Application;
  • A job offer and accompanying request from the designated firm;
  • Two 4x6 cm colour photographs, which have been taken no earlier than six months prior to the date of application;
  • A medical certificate from a competent local medical facility;
  • Proof of the employee's educational qualifications;
  • Document proving that you have no criminal record in your home country or in Vietnam if you have been in the country for more than one month.

All required documents must be translated into Vietnamese and certified by a competent notary.

Links to popular internet resources for job searching in Vietnam:

  • Vietnam Works - the most popular site for finding a job in this country;
  • Career Link - a little less well known, but not a bad resource;
  • Job Street - an international job search site;
  • Tuoitre - an advertisement board that often features jobs from businesses;
  • Learn4Good - a resource used more often by those wishing to go abroad for an internship, but also suitable for those who want to get an internship in one of the Vietnamese firms with further employment, or for people looking to go for a short-term job to gain new professional experience.