Traveling to Belarus: how to plan a trip for foreign nationals and what you need to know about the requirements



Traveling to Belarus: how to plan a trip for foreign nationals and what you need to know about the requirements

Belarus is a country that can surprise tourists. Modern cities, neat and beautiful buildings, high-quality roads, clean streets, incredible nature with lush forests and crystal lakes, various historical sights - everything is here to spend time with pleasure.

However, in order for the trip to be pleasant, it is worth planning it correctly. In the article, we have prepared useful information about the rules of entry into the country, conditions of stay, and necessary documents for tourists, and also indicated important contacts and other details.

Rules of entry into the country

Foreign tourists from most countries in the world have the right to come to Belarus without a visa and stay in the territory of the country for no more than 30 days, but on the condition that they enter and leave only through Minsk National Airport.

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the restrictions and requirements for foreign tourists before your trip, as the information may change frequently. 

When planning a trip to Belarus, you should take care of medical insurance. Be sure to check your passport and travel documents. If you have any doubts or questions, it is best to contact your travel service provider for current requirements.

All foreign tourists staying in the territory of the Republic for more than 10 days must get registered. This can be done online or by contacting your local police station.


To enter Belarus without a visa for 30 days, foreign tourists need to prepare and have the following documents:

• an international passport or a document that allows you to travel abroad;

• confirmation of the availability of a sufficient amount of money for a 30-day stay in the country - cash, credit card, or traveler's checks in any currency;

• health insurance valid in the territory of Belarus, with a minimum coverage of 10,000 euros.

Citizens of Haiti, Vietnam, India, Gambia, Namibia, and Lebanon must present a multi-visa valid for EU or Schengen countries. You also need to show plane tickets for Minsk National Airport.

It is worth remembering that if you have more than 10,000 dollars with you, you must fill out the currency and commodity declaration form when entering/exiting Belarus.

Transport, car rental, and the validity of a driving license

Roads in Belarus are modern and of high quality, but public transport might cause problems. Buses and trolleybuses are often overcrowded, and old vehicles may still run. Therefore, for convenience, it is still better to use taxi services. An even more comfortable option would be to rent a car.

You can rent a vehicle from any local company. The most popular include

• Belcar;

• Europcar;

• Budget;

• Sixt and others.

However, services are not available to everyone. To rent a car, you must meet the following requirements:

• age of at least 19 years;

• having a passport and driver's license of the appropriate category.

Renting a car in the country will cost an average of 15-20 dollars and more per day. The price will depend on the company and the class of the vehicle.

Requirements for item transportation 

When flying to Belarus, it is strictly forbidden to carry the following things on board the plane:

• sharp, cutting, prickly items and cutlery;

• firearms of any kind;

• ammunition, explosives;

• gas and other aggressive substances;

• poisonous substances and radioactive materials;

• flammable solids and liquids;

• any tools;

• sports equipment;

• syringes (exception – doctor's confirmation of the need for injections during the flight), etc.

Liquids, aerosols, and gels (perfumes, cosmetics, medicines, etc.) with a capacity of no more than 100 ml and packed in a transparent polyethylene bag with a volume of up to 1 liter are allowed in hand luggage. Exceptions may be medicines, dietary supplements, or baby food.

Before the trip, we recommend checking with the airline about the rules for transporting things.

Cash and cards

In Belarus, the national currency is the Belarusian ruble. However, tourists can pay in dollars or euros, or by card. To exchange currency, it is recommended to use the services of a bank, exchange offices, and the airport. Before the trip, we advise you to check whether the card will be valid in the country. It is better to carry out any financial transactions with a credit card in banks.

Belarus is really a very attractive country where you can have an unforgettable time. The main thing is to follow the advice and recommendations to organize the trip as carefully as possible. Be sure to clarify the information regarding the rules of entry, and stay, as well as documents, restrictions, and requirements, so that the trip seems pleasant and comfortable.