How to apply to the University of Mozambique: specialties to study and documents for admission



How to apply to the University of Mozambique: specialties to study and documents for admission

After leaving school each applicant asks the question: “Where should I go to study further?”. Most choose the universities of their country but some decide to go abroad. Those applicants who are interested in entering universities in African countries, specifically in Mozambique, may be interested in Universidade Eduardo Mondlane. It is located in the capital of Mozambique - Maputo.

The university offers the following faculties for admission:

  • Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering;
  • Faculty of Architecture and Physical Planning;
  • Faculty of Sciences;
  • Law school;
  • Faculty of Economics;
  • Faculty of Engineering;
  • Faculty of Philosophy;
  • Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences;
  • Faculty of Medicine;
  • Faculty of Veterinary.

To enter the University it is required to decide on the program of study, send an application for admission, complete the introductory tasks and start your studies.

To legally stay in Mozambique an applicant needs a student visa to study in Africa.

Documents required for admission to the university:

  • Health and life insurance;
  • TOEFL certificate;
  • Photo;
  • Declaration of financial support;
  • Online application form;
  • International passport;
  • Details about the family;
  • Confirmation of payment of the fee;
  • A student visa;
  • Application fee.

The cost of studying at the University at any faculty is the same and equals about 1850 dollars both for an international student and for a citizen of Mozambique.

Eduardo Mondlane University, realizing that socio-economic conditions should not affect the frequency of higher education, introduced a policy of providing social benefits to students. After the award of social benefits, the beneficiary student should contact the relevant faculty services to inquire about the benefits arising from the type of grant awarded.

Full scholarship

The scholarship entitles the recipient to room, board, medical and medical care, living expenses, and tuition fee waiver.

Reduced Scholarship

The scholarship includes the benefits listed in the previous issue but does not include accommodation.

Food allowance

A food allowance that entitles the recipient to food without regard to any other benefits.

Housing subsidy

A subsidy that entitles the beneficiary to housing or an additional allowance to cover housing-related expenses without taking into account any other benefits.

At the Eduardo Mondlane University the Department of Social Services (DSS) is responsible for providing assistance and social support to students with the mission of implementing a social policy aimed at students.

In terms of student accommodation UEM has university residence halls to accommodate them. The Department of Social Services operates eight university residences and laundry facilities in Maputo.

Housing services are primarily for students receiving a full scholarship or housing scholarship. In exceptional cases, the Department of Social Services provides a certain number of rooms for the bed rental regime and interested parties must apply at the beginning of each year.

Information about the life of the university can be found on the official website of Universidade Eduardo Mondlane.