What you should definitely visit in Liechtenstein and what are the rules for entering the country



What you should definitely visit in Liechtenstein and what are the rules for entering the country

More information about each country can be found here
More information about each country can be found here

Europe is a unique region where small principalities can be more famous than gigantic states with a territory of tens of thousands of kilometres. For example, one of the most important tourist gems in the Alps is picturesque Liechtenstein. Being almost the smallest country in the world, it is hidden between Austria and Switzerland among the Alpine peaks.

Impressive landscapes with majestic castles, picturesque mountain scenery and cosy streets with fairy-tale houses – all this has made the Principality of Liechtenstein a treat for tourists from all over the world. Therefore, we give you a hint on how to make a trip to Liechtenstein unforgettable and what to see to get to know this country better.

Tourist sites of Liechtenstein

Find out more about how to organise a trip to Liechtenstein from our checklist. But if you have a vacation planned in the country and haven't decided where to go, we recommend visiting the capital Vaduz. Its historic centre will immerse you in a medieval atmosphere with its Gothic bell tower, the century-old Gasthof Leuven hotel and the ancient municipality building.

  • Vaduz Castle, which has been around since at least the 12th century, is an enduring landmark of Liechtenstein. The former defensive fortress sits at the very top of the mountain, making it clearly visible from every corner of the city. Today, the princely family lives here, but tours still take place. For example, tourists can visit the wine cellars and learn about local winemaking peculiarities.
  • The world-famous Postal Museum has created unique tourism in Liechtenstein. Many philatelists visit the country to see the special stamps collected in the warehouse collections. The issue and sale of rare stamps is even considered one of the most important sources of revenue for the state budget.
  • The Cathedral of St. Florin in Liechtenstein, founded in the 19th century, could impress any tourist by its exquisite beauty. The neo-Gothic style of the church, reflected in its slender tower with a pointed spire, belongs to the authorship of one of the most famous European architects of the time, Friedrich von Schmidt. A bright highlight of the stone tower is the gilded clock with its red and blue dial.

While  in Liechtenstein, it will also be interesting to visit:

  • Vaduz Town Hall;
  • Gutenberg Castle;
  • Liechtenstein National Museum;
  • English House;
  • Three Sisters Mountain;
  • Städtle Street in Vaduz;
  • Museum of Art;
  • Parliament building.

Entry rules to Liechtenstein

Citizens of Schengen countries do not need a tourist visa to stay in Liechtenstein. They can freely cross the border an unlimited number of times with a Schengen ID card. There is also a list of countries whose representatives can stay in Liechtenstein without a visa for up to 90 days.

However, as of this year, some changes have been made to the rules for entry into the Principality for the listed categories of foreigners. For example, it is now necessary to obtain an electronic travel permit, similar to an online visa, through the special ETIAS system.