Jobs for foreigners in United Kingdom: top popular vacancies

United Kingdom


Jobs for foreigners in United Kingdom: top popular vacancies

The UK offers many professional opportunities for immigrants looking for work. Find out which city in Britain has more job opportunities in 2023 and how much you need to earn to live comfortably in the country

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Great Britain can easily be called a country of opportunities, because the country has one of the strongest economies in the world. Representations of many international corporations are located in the United Kingdom, and small and medium-sized businesses are also active here. These factors contribute to the development of the labor market in the country. The business is constantly looking for talented employees, including engineers, analysts and managers. In turn, specialists from different countries of the world move to Great Britain for the purpose of employment.

Read about employment prospects in Great Britain in 2023 in our material.

Is it a good idea to move to the UK in 2023?

There are many opportunities for development and career growth in the UK. The level of employment of the population is steadily increasing, which increases the quality of life in the state. Also, quite a lot of migrants live in Great Britain, which will allow an expat to feel more confident. There are also quite a lot of jobs for foreigners in United Kingdom. High salaries, good social conditions and many other factors make the United Kingdom an ideal destination for migration in 2023.

Which city in the UK has more job opportunities in 2023?

For workers looking for the highest earning potential in 2023, St Albans may be a good choice as its average full-time salary is 41% higher than the UK average at £46,551. The next highest paying city is London with an average with a salary of £39,391, followed by Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford.

How much do you need to earn to live comfortably in Great Britain?

A salary between £2,500 and £3,000 is considered an ideal monthly income in the UK. With such a salary, you can ensure a comfortable life in the city, including renting a two-room apartment, entertainment and recreation.

Top 6 popular jobs in Great Britain in 2023

HR director

The personnel department works in every company, it deals with finding employees, resolving disputes, handling complaints from employees, etc. The HR director is the head of this department and has the authority to plan, develop and implement HR initiatives in the company. He also makes sure that all employees in the organization are satisfied with their work and meet the level of the company's culture.

Candidate requirements – recruiters are looking for experts who have at least 10 years of experience in the HR department and good management skills to solve various issues.

The average salary is around £120,000 per year. This is one of the highest paying professions in Great Britain.

Programmer engineer

Due to the rapid development of information technologies, the need for software engineers is always growing. These specialists are in demand not only in the UK labor market, but also in other parts of the world. The main task of a software engineer is to understand the customer's requirements and then design and develop a solution to meet that requirement through programming.

Requirements for candidates – the candidate must have basic knowledge of programming, as well as computer science and mathematics. Work experience is also very valuable.

The average salary is around £60,000 per year.

Business analyst

Due to his management and analytical skills, a business analyst is an indispensable employee for any organization. A business analyst is a kind of bridge between developers and the client. They investigate the customer's problem, look for a solution, and formulate its concept in the form of requirements that will be followed by developers during the creation of the product. Business analysts mostly work in the information technology sector.

Candidates are required to have good communication skills, record-keeping experience, and decision-making ability.

The average salary is £42,000 per year.

Installer of solar batteries

Over the past three years, the demand for this job has increased by 315%, that is, 87 vacancies per million. Solar panel installers or solar panel installers attach solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to buildings and solar farms. The job involves the worker spending a lot of time outdoors and at heights to attach these panels to buildings.

Requirements for candidates – experience in electronics or electrical installation.

The average salary is £37,000 per year.


Health care jobs are in demand, with full-time nurses often sought. Therefore, if you feel a desire to care for others and improve their standard of living, then you should try this profession.

Requirements for candidates – medical education, work experience.

The average salary is £38,000 per year.

Family therapist

Family therapists are psychologists who specialize in working with families. They help overcome problems, better understand family relationships, and facilitate communication and conflict resolution.

Requirements for candidates – work experience in psychology or psychotherapy.

The average salary is £47,000 per year.

There are many other popular jobs in the UK: Sales Agents, Content Specialists, Operations Managers, Delivery Drivers and more. Each position requires basic education and the appropriate level of qualification.

Foreigners must have a permit to work in the United Kingdom. Get advice from a professional local immigration lawyer who will help you prepare the necessary package of documents for a comfortable move.

Employment in Great Britain will be a good decision for your career and development.

Learn more about how to obtain British citizenship here.

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