The Easiest Countries to Get Dual Citizenship



The Easiest Countries to Get Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship is popular among foreigners. Find out more about which countries allow you to get a second passport and how to apply for it

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country

Dual citizenship has many advantages, so quite often people living abroad issue a second passport. The reasons for obtaining a document can be different: starting a business, being able to travel without restrictions, getting married, retiring in your favorite country, etc.

The procedure for issuing a second passport depends on the country. Therefore, if you plan to get a second citizenship, it is worth considering the legislation of several countries. It is also necessary to search for a country depending on your needs, because each country provides different advantages of second citizenship.

Depending on the features of the registration, in some countries it is easy to obtain citizenship, and in others it is difficult.

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Which country allows dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship is recognized by 48% of the world's countries.

How to get dual citizenship?

You can get a second passport in different ways: through descent, through naturalization, by marrying a citizen of the country, by investing in the state's economy, for special merits, etc.

Today we will tell you the easiest to get a second citizenship according to various procedures.

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Citizenship by naturalization

In order to obtain citizenship through naturalization, it is necessary to officially reside in the country for a certain period of time.

The shortest given period in Argentina is 2 years, you can also quickly become a citizen of the USA (3-5 years), Brazil - 4 years, Sweden and Portugal - 5 years, Canada - 6 years, Norway and Denmark - 7 years, etc.

Also, in addition to the length of residence, the presence of a permanent job, the absence of problems with the law, the level of integration into society - knowledge of the language, history and culture of the state is assessed when registering this type of citizenship.

Citizenship based on marriage

You can get a second passport under this procedure after marrying a citizen of the country. The period of married life before obtaining a passport also depends on the country.

The fastest - in Argentina, you can issue a passport the day after the wedding. In Spain, it will be necessary to live together - 1 year, in Italy - 2 years.

Citizenship by repatriation

A foreigner can get a passport if he returns to his historical homeland. This procedure is the fastest in Poland and Bulgaria - you can get a passport of these countries after 1 year. Participation in the German repatriation program will last more than 2 years.

Citizenship by investment

In some states, you can become a citizen if you invest a certain amount in their economy. At the same time, it is often not necessary to live permanently in the country or pass an exam on knowledge of language or history. In some countries, you can even submit documents online.

Top 5 countries where you can get citizenship by investment the fastest

•‎ 1st place - Vanuatu (1-2 months)

You can get a Vanuatu passport for an investment of $130,000. Documents can be submitted remotely. Along with the investor, you can add your spouse, children under 25 and parents over 50 to the application. Citizenship of the country has many advantages - the ability to travel without visas to the countries of the Schengen Agreement, Great Britain, Hong Kong and Singapore. Citizens of Vanuatu receive a visa to the USA for 5 years. There are no income, capital gains or inheritance taxes in the state.

•‎ 2nd place – Dominika (2-6 months)

The minimum investment amount is $100,000. The country has a favorable tax regime, citizens also have the right to visa-free entry to the countries of the Schengen zone and can issue a 10-year visa to the USA.

•‎ 3rd place – St. Kitts and Nevis (2-6 months)

The cheapest way to invest for the country's citizenship is to make a one-time contribution of $150,000 to the country's Sustainable Development Fund. When investing in real estate, the minimum amount is $200,000.

•‎ 4th place - Turkey (6-8 months)

Turkish citizenship has many advantages: the country has a high standard of living, a developed healthcare and education system, tax benefits, the possibility of obtaining a tourist visa in the USA and a long-term Schengen visa. The minimum investment amount is $400,000. Read more about the "Golden Passport in Turkey" program here.

•‎ 5th place - Malta (1-3 years)

The only EU member state in which you can obtain citizenship by investment. Foreigners who have invested at least 750,000 euros in the country's economy receive citizenship in one year. If the amount of investments is from 690,000 euros, then the second passport can be obtained in 3 years. At first glance, this term may seem very long, but the citizenship of a European country gives the owner many advantages.

Dual citizenship guarantees the owner additional security and support, simplifies visa processing and allows doing business in different countries. However, the procedure for obtaining a second passport has many nuances and requires qualified assistance. Contact an immigration lawyer to choose a country where you can get a second citizenship as quickly and simply as possible and solve difficult issues for yourself.

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