Business study abroad: the best countries, universities and top educational programs in the world



Business study abroad: the best countries, universities and top educational programs in the world

Studying abroad in business can be a rewarding and valuable experience, as it offers unique opportunities for personal and professional growth. Learn about the best universities and the most popular business programs in the world in our article.

Get legal advice from a local education specialist
Get legal advice from a local education specialist

The business sphere is developing quite dynamically, and international experience in education opens up new perspectives. Studying business abroad will allow you to gain important skills that you can use to achieve your future career goals. Also, living in another country will give you new experience, interesting friends and language practice.

Why study business abroad?

Studying business abroad is a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals to broaden their horizons and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Participation in international study programs allows students to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, understand different business practices, and develop a comprehensive understanding of international markets. 

Studying abroad also helps to develop adaptability and intercultural communication skills. An international learning experience requires students to step out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in a diverse environment. This enhances their ability to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and participate effectively in international business negotiations. Such skills are highly valued by employers as they contribute to the creation of global teams and business success.

Where to study business abroad?

A large number of programs for studying business have been developed in various universities around the world. To choose the one that will suit you best, you need to answer several questions:

  • What field of business do you want to study? There are a wide variety of business programs to choose from, so decide exactly what you want to study to narrow down your search.
  • Is there a specific industry in which you plan to work? Consider places that offer business opportunities that match your career plans. For example, some cities are known for their financial sector, others for the technology or digital industry.
  • What are the features of student life in the country? Before applying, consider the accommodation and support services offered by the university.

The best countries to study business

The most popular business programs are developed at universities in the USA and Great Britain. Both offer business schools and colleges that are consistently ranked among the best in the world.

France is another country that offers many of the best business programs and business schools. Germany is an attractive option not only because of the quality of business courses, but also because it is a world center for industry, commerce and finance.

In Asia, the leaders are Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Australia is another promising destination with a number of highly rated business schools available to international students.

The best universities to study business

You can study business abroad both at large multidisciplinary universities and at business schools that focus exclusively on business programs.

The best universities to study business are Abertay University (Dundee, UK), Adelphi University (New York, USA), Alexander College (Vancouver, Canada), Alpha College (Toronto, Canada), Alvernia University (Reading, USA), University of Applied Nauk Alytaus Kolegija (Alytus, Lithuania), American University (Washington, DC, USA), Amsterdam School of International Business (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Arizona State University (Phoenix, USA), Auburn University (Auburn, USA), etc.

Take care of your own safety while studying abroad. A reliable insurance policy will protect you from anticipated costs and guarantee quality medical care in any country of the world.

Top programs for studying business abroad

  • Best for short-term study: European Study Abroad Center

Head to the Czech Republic this summer to explore the country's capital and study business at the University of Economics in Prague. Filled with charming streets and squares, this amazing city is the perfect place for students who want to study surrounded by historic architecture, bohemian art and the world's best beer. The program's unwavering support and reliable help explains why it has received a 10/10 support rating and a 98% overall rating from program alumni.

  • Program in the Beijing Center

If you're serious about expanding your resume and delving into the core of global business, China should be on your list of countries to study abroad. The PRC is an important player in the global economy, so learning Chinese will bring many benefits to students who plan to start a career in business.

  • Best for work and study: University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia is on our list of the best business study abroad programs because the study program in Perth received top reviews, especially for housing and security.

Studying in Australia also gives you the opportunity to work 20 hours a week, meaning you can combine your studies with real work experience.

  • Best for study and internship: CAPA London

If you want to gain a knowledge base and learn to apply it directly in the workplace, you'll love CAPA London's Study & Intern Abroad program. In addition to engaging international business and finance classes, you'll be placed with a local organization where you'll gain valuable skills that will enhance your CV and enhance your career prospects. Best of all, the internship costs you nothing extra – it's included in your program fee.

  • Best for Affordable Living: International Study Abroad (ISA)

If you want to study business abroad and combine it with niche specializations such as international business, Latin American studies or accounting, choose a study abroad program that offers the opportunity to choose from a variety of universities in the list of cities. Instead of assigning you to a particular school, for example, the ISA Study Abroad program in Barcelona allows you to choose between four universities.

Studying abroad is an interesting and important experience that will have a big impact on your career. Choose the best educational institution and get a quality education. The opportunity to combine studies with travel will be a pleasant bonus.

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