Czech Republic citizenship: how to get a residence permit for foreigners

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Czech Republic


Czech Republic citizenship: how to get a residence permit for foreigners

The Czech Republic attracts foreigners with a high standard of living, low unemployment, quality healthcare and education. Find out more about how to obtain Czech citizenship or how to obtain citizenship by investment and details about dual citizenship in the Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, so its citizens do not need a visa to enter 185 countries around the world. For trips to the USA or Canada, Czechs only need to issue an eTA (electronic travel authorization). Foreigners are also attracted by the high standard of living and safety, low unemployment, quality medicine and the education system. Most often, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Vietnamese and Romanians receive a residence permit or citizenship in the Czech Republic.

If you are considering obtaining Czech citizenship, this article is for you.

Czech passport for foreigners

Obtaining Czech citizenship is the highest level of integration into Czech society. Of course, the issuance of a passport implies the appearance of certain obligations, but it also brings with it many advantages. In addition to the above advantages, Czech citizenship will give you the full rights of a citizen of the country:

- Compared to a permanent residence permit, you will additionally have the right to participate in elections (elect and be elected).

- If you have problems abroad, you will have the opportunity to receive the diplomatic protection of the Czech Republic and the European Union.

- If you have Czech citizenship, you cannot be deported from the Czech Republic.

How to get Czech citizenship?

You can get a Czech passport by naturalization, by origin, by special merit or by declaration.

The registration procedure is enshrined in Czech legislation:

● Citizenship by naturalization can be obtained by foreigners who meet the following requirements:

- Have lived in the Czech Republic for 10 years on the basis of a short-term or long-term residence permit.

- Have sufficient funds to support themselves and their family without benefits.

- They do not owe taxes and fines.

- I rent or own real estate in the Czech Republic.

- They know the Czech language at the B1 level.

- They study Czech history, culture, social and legal structure of the country.

- They have no problems with the legislation of the Czech Republic.

- Integrated into the society of the country.

List of documents:

- Application for citizenship.

- Residence permit, which confirms that you have lived in the Czech Republic for at least five years.

- Apartment rental agreement.

- Employment contract.

- Certificate of no criminal record.

- Confirmation of knowledge of the Czech language.

- Confirmation of financial stability.

- Birth certificate from the country of origin, translated into Czech.

● Citizenship by descent can be obtained if close relatives are citizens of the Czech Republic: father or mother or grandparents. The right does not depend on the place of birth of the child.

List of documents:

- Your parents' passports, citizenship certificate, proof of residence, etc.

- Your birth certificate;

- Birth certificates of your parents or grandparents.

- Your marriage certificate (if any).

- Marriage certificate of your parents, grandparents (if any).

- Confirmation of name change (if available).

- Any other document confirming that you are entitled to Czech citizenship by birth.

● Citizenship for a significant contribution is granted to scientists, artists, doctors, athletes, businessmen who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of the Czech Republic. For this, it is necessary to provide recommendations from well-known persons or organizations.

List of documents:

- Highly qualified employees must provide a diploma, employment contract or other document confirming their experience.

- Businessmen must show the movement of funds in the bank account, the number of jobs, documents confirming solvency, the address of the business location and a document indicating the field of activity of the company.

- Scientists and researchers must provide a diploma of education, documents confirming a scientific degree, documents on obtaining any licenses, information on the presence of a patented trademark or product, etc.

- Artists, artists or athletes must prove their success at the national or international level.

● You can apply for citizenship of the Czech Republic by declaration if you:

- A citizen who lost Czech citizenship before January 1, 2014.

- If your parents or grandparents were citizens of the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia before December 31, 2013.

When applying for citizenship by declaration, you must provide documents proving that you are related to the above family members, that your relatives were citizens of the Czech Republic, and documents on why they lost their Czech citizenship.

List of documents:

- Application for citizenship.

- Original birth certificate.

- Confirmation of family ties with relatives who have lost Czech citizenship.

- A document confirming when your descendants (parents or grandparents) ceased to be citizens of the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia. This can be an original naturalization certificate, an original Czechoslovak "Certificate of Release from the State Union", etc.

Where to apply for Czech citizenship?

Documents for obtaining Czech citizenship can be submitted to a city or regional government office or to the Czech embassy or consulate in the country of residence. The application for obtaining Czech citizenship is considered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic (MIA). Local authorities will forward your request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs within 30 days.

The administrative fee for obtaining Czech citizenship is approximately 2,000 kroner (78 euros).

Czech Republic citizenship by investment

The Czech Republic does not offer any residency-by-investment or citizenship-by-investment programs.

The only way to get a residence permit in the Czech Republic is for wealthy foreigners: entrepreneurs can apply for a business permit or obtain a certificate of financially independent persons. At the same time, a residence permit paves the way for citizenship for you and other family members (through naturalization).

● Residence permit for conducting business. In the Czech Republic, foreign entrepreneurs can open a branch of an existing company, register a new company or contribute funds to the authorized capital of a Czech company.

● Residence permit for financially independent persons. It can be obtained by foreigners with income in another country that fully covers their needs for living in the Czech Republic. At the same time, applicants do not work in the Czech Republic and spend at least 183 days a year in the country.

The main condition for obtaining a residence permit for financially independent persons is regular income outside the Czech Republic. This can be confirmed by an employment contract, a property lease agreement, an extract from the register of shareholders about a share in the company, the presence of profitable assets, etc.

Czech Republic dual citizenship


Dual citizenship is allowed in the Czech Republic. This law means that you can keep the passport of your country of origin (provided that that country also allows dual citizenship).

Advantages of dual citizenship:

- Ability to travel between two countries.

- The right to work in both countries.

- You can live, have real estate, business in every state.

The disadvantages of dual citizenship may include the need to pay taxes in each country.

The Czech Republic attracts expats with its low cost of living, developed economy and a well-developed labour market. However, in order to successfully find a job in the Czech Republic, a foreigner needs to prepare a package of documents. Learn more about the Czech employment procedure for foreigners here

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