Europe's best countries to live In for Expats 2024

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Europe's best countries to live In for Expats 2024

Europe is a coveted destination for expats due to its diverse cultures, history, and high standard of living. However, the prospect of moving to a new country can be both exciting and intimidating. Here are the 10 best countries in Europe for expats to live in in 2024

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When planning to move to another country, expats usually seek to find the best place to live. Many indicators are taken into account - the level of economic development, employment prospects, the degree of security, the development of the social sphere and even the weather. However, given that most countries in Europe are highly developed, choosing the best one can be quite difficult.

Which European countries are the best for expats in 2024?

If you analyze most of the lists of the best places to live, which are published every year by various research agencies, the leaders are usually the most expensive countries, in Europe it is Switzerland, Norway or Austria. However, only a limited number of foreigners can actually afford to move here.

Considering that people usually look for a higher quality of life at a moderate cost when moving to a new country, for most expats the most important factor when choosing a country to move to is the ratio of cost of living to its quality.

So, if you are looking for a good but affordable place to migrate, the answer is in our material. The ranking of the best countries in Europe for expats in 2024 continues.


The small European country of Luxembourg is known for its strong economy, high standard of living, rich culture and nature. In particular, the capital of the state, the city of the same name, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is surrounded by mountains.

Lifestyle in Luxembourg

Luxembourg ranks 19th out of 53 countries in terms of quality of life. The state also surpasses the world average in terms of income, development of the health care system, quality of the environment, safety and life satisfaction. Luxembourg consistently ranks one of the lowest on the corruption perception index and has low tax rates, which is conducive to starting a business.

Employment prospects in Luxembourg

Despite the fact that prices in Luxembourg are higher than in neighboring countries, it has a lot to offer foreigners. The main reason why Luxembourg has a large and active expat community compared to most other countries is the excellent job prospects. The state is home to many large international companies and organizations and has a highly developed financial sector.


Spain is a sunny country in Southern Europe known for its laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle, colorful culture and delicious cuisine.

Lifestyle in Spain

Thanks to affordable housing costs and a developed health care system, the country is popular among expats. The Spanish are also known for their warmth and kindness. It is not surprising that this country is among the best countries in Europe for families and young professionals, because the Spanish are always ready to help or become your friend.

Employment prospects in Spain

Many international companies work in Madrid, the capital of the country, which contributes to the employment of foreigners. The country also has a thriving IT sector and an acute shortage of specialists in this field.


The Netherlands attracts expats with its culture, excellent public healthcare system and strong social security system. 

Lifestyle in the Netherlands

The Netherlands ranks third for work-life balance among the 38 countries tracked by the OECD's Better Life Index. However, the cost of living here can be higher, especially in bustling urban centers such as Amsterdam.

Employment prospects in the Netherlands

The country has a shortage of qualified personnel, so expats have prospects for employment here. ​​The most vacancies are in the following sectors - technology, health care, engineering, finance, education, hotel business and tourism, marketing and advertising, manufacturing and creative industries. 


Lifestyle in Estonia

Estonia has the status of one of the greenest countries in the world. The state also has a low crime rate and a well-developed health care system. The mandatory state insurance system covers a wide range of treatment. Additionally, most workers benefit from comprehensive private programs, usually paid for by their employers.

Employment prospects in Estonia

In recent years, Estonia has become an increasingly popular country among digital nomads, because it has favorable conditions for the life of remote workers. There is a shortage of the following workers in the country: physiotherapists, pharmacists, specialist doctors, IT specialists, pharmacists.

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Way of life in Slovenia

Expats often praise Slovenia for its amazing nature. The country is also known for excellent medicine, highly developed infrastructure and rich culture.

Employment prospects in Slovenia

Many emigrants who move to Slovenia find work in trade and export, particularly in the automotive industry. Also, two thirds of the population are employed in the service sector.


Lifestyle in Portugal

Portugal is famous for its warm climate, wonderful coastal towns and friendly locals. Also, the country perfectly combines a high quality of life with a relatively low cost. In addition, it is worth noting the high level of development of medical care in Portugal, the calm rhythm of life and good transport accessibility.

Employment prospects in Portugal

Portugal is recognized as the best place for retirement or residence of people with passive income, because it issues a visa subject to a monthly income of 820 euros. The Portuguese remote worker visa is also in demand among digital nomads.


Lifestyle in Croatia

Croatia combines a stunning coastline, numerous natural parks and historic architecture. This country also attracts expats with an affordable cost of living, as well as a good health care system and a developing economy.

Croatia's capital, Zagreb, is known for its Austro-Hungarian architecture, numerous museums, festivals and events, and Croatia's beach towns are incredibly popular during the peak summer season.

Employment prospects in Croatia

Living in Croatia is pleasant and easy for a foreigner. However, doing business here can be difficult. The standard of living in Croatian cities such as Zagreb, Split or Porec is quite high compared to many other cities in Southern Europe.


Lifestyle in Lithuania

Lithuania is known for its bright cities, rich history and lush forests. The country consistently ranks highly for quality of life, boasting low pollution, an excellent healthcare system and a high standard of living at a lower price than most Western European countries. 

Employment prospects in Lithuania

Lithuania also offers many opportunities for expats to work. Three-quarters of vacancies are for qualified positions (16.5% - professionals, technicians and employees, 13.8% - service and sales workers, 42.9% - skilled workers and mechanics, 1.4% - managers). A quarter (25.6%) are unskilled job offers.

Czech Republic

Lifestyle in Czech Republic

Expats in the Czech Republic are really satisfied with the length of the working day and the balance between work and private life. Also, the country has a well-developed transport infrastructure, and thanks to a very high-quality health care system, you do not need to be afraid of getting sick in the Czech Republic. Having health insurance here is a must, but it doesn't cost a lot of money.

Although rents in Prague are quite high, they are still much lower compared to large cities in Western Europe. The capital is also known for numerous historical monuments.

Employment prospects in Czech Republic

It is not difficult for foreigners to find a job in the Czech Republic, because due to the economic growth in the country, it accepts many foreign workers. As an EU citizen, you do not need a special visa or work permit to be able to work in the Czech Republic. If you speak English, it is a big advantage.

The most popular vacancies in the Czech Republic are: teacher, storekeeper, sales representative, designer, accountant, project manager, fitter and electrician.


Lifestyle in Finland 

Finland has topped the ranking of the happiest countries in the world for five years in a row. Local residents receive numerous benefits from the development of the health care system and free education at all levels. It is also an ideal country for a family move, as it has a low crime rate and many places to practice sports.

The seaside capital of Helsinki is characterized by a unique combination of classical and modern architecture that reflects the innovative spirit of the country.

Employment prospects in Finland

Finland has a successful expat community and great working conditions. Finnish business culture is known for its honesty and directness. The country's main industries are IT, forestry, health care and design.

Moving to Europe will be a good experience in your life and will contribute to career development. Therefore, choose the best country and go on a fantastic journey.

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