5 travel medical insurance benefits you may need



5 travel medical insurance benefits you may need

A travel insurance policy can cover a wide range of situations that can lead to unexpected expenses. Learn more about the 5 benefits of travel health insurance and what to look for when choosing a policy

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Travel medical insurance covers many risks that can occur while traveling. From assistance in case of illness to compensation for lost luggage, the policy can save time, money and nerves in most unforeseen situations. 

Let's talk about the 5 main benefits of insurance that you may need while traveling in more detail below.

1. Doctor's consultation and hospital stay

Even if you are in perfect health, unfortunately, unforeseen situations can happen during travel: a fracture or dislocation, food poisoning, a cold after a long flight, etc. Also, the risk of diseases increases significantly if you travel with children.

Most national health insurance policies do not cover the provision of medical care abroad or provide a rather limited list of services. Moreover, depending on the location and severity of your condition, you may receive quite large bills for treatment. For example, a medical consultation with a general practitioner in the USA costs an average of $190, a day stay in a hospital in Germany – 130 euros, an emergency call in Switzerland – from 600 euros, a consultation with a therapist in Israel – from 75 euros, and rehabilitation after a road accident in In general, it will cost Spain $74,000.

It is a travel insurance policy that can protect you from unforeseen expenses and give you a sense of peace of mind while traveling. Of course, it is impossible to foresee everything, but you can definitely count on proper medical care abroad.

2. Emergency medical evacuation

The presence of this advantage in the policy will be especially relevant if you enjoy extreme vacations or decide to go on a trip to a remote area or region that lacks medical facilities with modern equipment and competent personnel.

By comparison, emergency transportation to a hospital that can provide you with the medical services you need for your specific illness or injury can cost up to $100,000. Therefore, when choosing an insurance policy, be sure to pay attention to the availability of this advantage.

3. Compensation for lost luggage

One of the most unpleasant situations from which no tourist is immune is the loss of luggage. This is especially unpleasant if you are going on a long trip. According to experts, on average, the world loses luggage worth 1.25 billion US dollars per year.

A travel insurance policy compensates for the cost of purchasing clothing and personal hygiene items if your luggage does not reach your destination during your trip. This advantage will help you save a lot of personal money. However, when applying for insurance, pay attention to the available amount of compensation and possible restrictions.

4. Delay or cancellation of the trip

Plans can change quite often and you never know when you may need to cancel or postpone your trip, so you should have insurance to cover the financial losses you incur due to a canceled trip.

Also, your flight may be delayed due to an airline strike or adverse weather conditions. A travel insurance policy compensates for expenses that arise in the event of a flight delay, even for a few hours - it can be compensation for accommodation while waiting for the flight, as well as food.

In order to feel as safe as possible, you should prepare for various unforeseen situations that occur during a flight.

5. Repatriation of the body to the homeland

Unfortunately, unforeseen situations occur during the trip that can lead to death. In this case, it is important to have compensation for reparation of the body to the homeland, because it is a rather complicated and expensive procedure.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a travel insurance policy?

An insurance can protect you from unnecessary expenses while traveling abroad, as well as provide a tourist with access to medical care in any corner of the world.

The main thing when drawing up a policy is to pay attention to the components of the document:

1. Be sure to make sure that your travel insurance covers all the risks that may arise during the trip - outpatient treatment, hospitalization, assistance with injuries, evacuation, reparation, etc.

2. Check the availability of compensation for additional risks in the insurance.

3. Make sure that the policy will protect you during the entire period of your stay abroad and add additional risks if, for example, you plan to do extreme sports.

4. Carefully read the fine print in the contract - pay attention to the wording and specifics of how you can submit an insurance claim to your suppliers.

Where to buy a travel insurance policy?

Of course, policies should be purchased exclusively from trusted agents. On Visit World, you can buy reliable insurance that has many advantages: packages for entry to any country in the world, round-the-clock support from consultants on the provision and organization of medical services abroad, a guarantee of payments, online payment, etc.

Daria Rogova, Head of Insurance at Visit World

To move, travel or work safely in a new country, you will need travel insurance. You can apply for an extended policy on our website here.

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