Do's and don'ts in Brazil: 20 tips for a safe trip



Do's and don'ts in Brazil: 20 tips for a safe trip

Brazil is a must-visit country because its rich culture and vast territory make it a special place. However, there are a few things you should know before visiting a new country. Read more 20 tips for safe travel to Brazil

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Unique cuisine, rich culture, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, breathtaking waterfalls and adventures for every taste - this is all about Brazil. Tourists from different parts of the world come to explore the country every year: ArgentinaMexicoUSACanadaChinaFrance, etc.

However, when planning a trip to this South American gem, travelers often come across information about the high crime rate in the region. Certainly quite often tourists become victims of theft, especially in Rio de Janeiro. However, if you follow the following tips, your trip will go more smoothly.

What can and what can not be done in Brazil? 20 tips for a safe onward journey.

What not to do in Brazil?

Don't take your phone out of your bag outside

Holding your phone in your hand while walking down the streets of Brazil is a pretty bad idea, especially in Rio de Janeiro. It doesn't matter how hard you squeeze it in your hands, the probability that someone will tear the phone out of your hands is quite high. If you need to look up some information on the phone, for example, plan a route, it is better to go to the store. If you want to take a photo, think about whether it's a smart move and pay attention to people walking by.

Many people are used to just pulling out their phone and scrolling through social media, but in Brazil, that's not a good idea.

Do not walk alone at night

Walking alone at night makes it easy to become a target for muggers, especially in places like Rio's Copacabana. Therefore, it is better to avoid such walks.

You can of course walk alone during the day, but still be careful about the area you are in, it is better to stay in densely populated areas.

Do not keep valuables in your pocket

In Brazil, give up the habit of keeping valuables in your pocket. It is better to buy a sling bag and carry your phone, wallet, etc. in it. Such a simple action will protect you from pickpockets.

Do not wear gold jewelry and expensive things

If you like to wear gold jewelry, it is better to give up this habit in Brazil, because an excessive amount of expensive things will make you a target for thieves. Studs and small earrings-rings can be worn, but it is better to refrain from necklaces and bracelets.

Do not leave valuables unattended

You should not leave your valuables unattended in Brazil, for example, a laptop in a cafe while you go to the toilet. This does not mean that everyone around is bad or will not watch over your property. It's just that if someone decides to steal your belongings while you're away, the probability that this can happen in Brazil is quite high, the person you left the property to may not be able to catch up with the criminal.

Do not use the subway at night

The metro in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is cheap, safe and clean. However, it is better to refrain from traveling on this transport at night.

What should you do to protect yourself in Brazil?

Carry your valuables in a secure shoulder bag

Pickpocketing often happens when a wallet or phone is in a pocket or an open bag. Buy yourself a shoulder bag so that your valuables are always zipped up and close to your chest.

Be careful when relaxing on the beach

Beaches in Brazil are stunning, but be careful when on vacation. It is better to keep all valuable things in one place, and close your eyes, hang the strap from the bag on your shoulder. If you are vacationing alone, take your phone and wallet with you in a special waterproof pocket while bathing.

Take only one bank card on your trip

It is better not to take all bank cards with you on vacation. Leave your debit and credit cards at home and only take one credit card for travel.

Use Uber to get around the city

Uber is a really convenient app for getting around the city and very reliable for safety reasons. In the application, you have the price set, information about the driver is available, and the trip can also be shared for additional security. Uber is available in major cities in Brazil, so use the app to get around the city safely.

Keep your passport in a safe place and take a copy with you

It doesn't matter where you are going on a trip, it is better not to keep your passport in the bag that you take with you every day, because it can be lost. It is better to take a copy with you, also keep a couple of copies in your suitcase, in case you lose your passport and have to go to the embassy.

Take a minimum of things with you to the party

It is better to leave all valuables, as well as passport and credit cards in the room, if you decide to attend a Brazilian party. Many pickpockets take advantage of the crowd and the less focused state of a tourist during a party. Some travelers even take old phones with them on holiday.

Rules for safe parties in Brazil

Avoiding parties in Brazil is quite difficult, but try to follow these rules when visiting them:

- go there only with those whom you trust;

- leave all valuables in the room, as detailed above;

- remember how much you drink;

- have a plan how to get home;

- do not use random drugs on the street;

- never leave your drink unattended;

Be especially careful around key tourist spots

Most pickpocketing happens near major landmarks, so you should be extra careful in key tourist spots.

Keep an eye on your belongings on the summer terraces of restaurants

Take care of your belongings while relaxing on the summer terrace at the Brazilian restaurant. Do not leave your phone on the table or hang your bag on the back of a chair facing the street.

Avoid deserted places

It is better to stay away from deserted places. Try to stay among people.

Check the square footage of your accommodation before booking

Before booking a hotel, study it a bit, read reviews from tourists who have stayed here and remember that it is better to stay in safe areas.

Use padlocks for your suitcases

If you plan to stay in a hostel, a padlock is a must for your suitcase. Those who rent the hotel will be able to hide valuables in the safe. Theft from rooms is not uncommon in Brazil, this tip is a standard practice for all tourists.

Be careful when withdrawing funds

Withdraw cash only during the day, it is better to go to an ATM with a friend or relative. Also, if possible, try to find an ATM indoors and don't carry a lot of cash.

Make sure you have travel insurance

A travel insurance policy is a mandatory part of any trip, because it guarantees the provision of medical care in any corner of the world and can compensate for additional risks - loss of luggage, trip cancellation, etc.

Brazil is a great vacation destination that can give every traveler a fantastic experience. Follow these rules and your vacation will pass without any extreme situations.

The editors of Visit World recommend using the Travel Guide for Brazil for a comfortable and safe trip.

The guide is a detailed written document that contains basic advice on obtaining a visa, crossing the border, getting a job, citizenship, and much more. More details at the link.

Products from Visit World for a comfortable trip:

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We monitor the accuracy and relevance of our information. Therefore, if you see any error or discrepancy, please write to our hotline.

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