The safest regions of the world in 2024: which is the best country if World War III happens? (updated)



The safest regions of the world in 2024: which is the best country if World War III happens? (updated)

Some countries are island states with political neutrality, which means that the likelihood of a military conflict is quite low. Learn more about the countries that are likely to participate in World War III and the top safest countries in the world in 2024

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Order an insurance policy for safe travel, stay or work abroad

In 2024, the prospect of a Third World War is becoming more and more pressing, as the world is gripped by a large-scale terrorist crisis, combined with the depletion of critical natural resources such as water and oil. The number of military conflicts has also increased in recent years: the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the war between Israel and Hamas, the confrontation between the USA and China, which risks developing into a more aggressive form and possibly provoking the Third World War. All these events make many people think about finding the safest places in the world.

Where to go if the Third World War begins? We tried to find regions in which it will be possible to escape from the Third World War.

Where is World War III likely to take place?

Before looking for the safest places, it is worth determining which countries are most likely to host hostilities. It is impossible to say exactly who will start World War III, but the sides are fairly easy to predict, as they will most likely correspond to the current geopolitical climate.

- One side will consist of the United States of America, the European Union and the rest of the NATO members.

- The opponents are Russia, China, North Korea and their allies.

Unlike previous world wars, people now have the ability to fight each other over long distances with the help of airplanes and long-range missiles. That is why the events of the Third World War will probably affect many countries, but this does not mean that there is no place in the world that was able to provide security and peace in these circumstances.

Where will it be safe during World War III?

Taking into account possible participants, we can conclude that the safest will be:

- Island states with political neutrality, because the probability of invading them is low.

- Countries that occupy high positions in the World Peace Index.

- Small states with a tiny population, for the invasion of which troops may find no reason at all.

13 countries that will be as safe as possible if World War III breaks out


During World War III, there will be no safer place on the planet than Antarctica. Theoretically, you can hide in one of the scientific outposts and wait for the end of hostilities.

However, we note that it will be possible to save yourself here only for the first time, because it will be extremely difficult to provide yourself with food on the icy continent.

Given its remote location, it is unlikely to be visited by many people in the event of a possible Third World War.


Fiji is an island nation located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. The closest neighbor of the island is Australia, which is more than 4345 kilometers away. Fiji itself does not have much to offer in terms of military strategy or resources. The country has a very small army of about 6,000, so neither side of World War III would perceive it as a threat. Also, there are not many natural resources on the territory of the state.

However, Fiji has an endless supply of food and fertile land for growing crops, so you can safely wait out the danger here.

Disadvantages include that, more than likely, because you'll be so far away from the action, you may not know who's winning or even that the war is over. During a world war, global communication and the Internet will probably become impossible. Therefore, we will have to wait until someone comes to the island and announces that the war is over.


Iceland is the leader of the Global Peacefulness Index, and the country is thousands of kilometers away from the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. That is why, during the Third World War, the state is unlikely to be in direct danger.

Like many other island nations, Iceland has tons of marine resources and abundant fresh water reserves.

Another factor that makes Iceland a great place to be during a global war is that the country gets 100% of its energy from renewable sources that are within its borders. Iceland harnesses vast amounts of geothermal energy and converts it into electricity and heat. While the entire planet is at war, Iceland doesn't have to worry about getting oil, coal or any other kind of energy from different parts of the world.

Iceland also has plenty of land to settle on if you need to find a place to wait out the war. In fact, the current population of the country averages 3 people per square kilometer.


The more difficult a region is to reach, the safer it will be during a war. Therefore, hiding in Greenland is a pretty good idea. As with Antarctica, war will probably never reach you at this extreme latitude. However, you will have to learn the customs of the local inhabitants and learn to live using the gifts of the earth in a polar climate, but it will all be worth it, because you will have a safe place to live during the Third World War.


Although Argentina has experience in wars, including the country's claim to the Falkland Islands in 1982 in Great Britain, this South American country will be the most successful place to experience famine after a nuclear war.

Considering that studies have shown that the release of 100 nuclear bombs could release so much smoke that the sun could be covered. Such a situation can lead to famine and crop failure. As a result - Argentina would be a good place to live due to its abundance of sustainable crops such as wheat and its remote location.

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New Zealand

New Zealand is a separate but developed country that does not participate in any armed conflicts in the world, and its mountainous terrain will help protect the country from any wars.

New Zealand also has enough food, clean water and fertile soil to sustain itself in the short term. The infrastructure of the state is developed at a high level, the country is working on becoming independent for many decades.

Thanks to its foreign policy, it ranks second in the Global Peacefulness Index.


Since Bhutan joined the UN, the country has agreed to take a neutral side in any conflict. Surrounded by mountains, it is one of the most remote landlocked countries in the world. Its geographical location and foreign policy will protect the population if war does break out.


Despite its proximity to England, a potential participant in the Third World War, Ireland maintains a completely independent foreign policy and refrains from NATO membership. Its military neutrality and the requirement of government approval and UN authorization to participate in foreign conflicts make Ireland a neutral entity.


For more than 200 years, Switzerland's main principle in foreign policy has been the position of neutrality. Also, the country is reliably protected due to its geographical location and landscape. After all, the mountainous terrain will protect against invasion, and the bridges that connect the country with other regions can simply be blown up. In addition, it is important to note that Switzerland has a sufficient number of prepared shelters to protect the population even from a nuclear attack.


The Indonesian islands are a quiet and relatively safe place to survive in the event of a global war. The state maintains neutrality in world political issues. Also, the country has a fairly well-developed infrastructure and agriculture, which will ensure access to food, even in the conditions of the Third World War. Also in Indonesia, and especially on the island of Bali, moderate real estate prices, the state is the top region in terms of investment attractiveness according to Forbes estimates. Therefore, buying housing here in case of the Third World War is not only to prepare an island of security for yourself, but also a successful investment. A profitable investment option in Bali is the purchase of premium apartments ANTA Residence Canggu from the reliable international developer ANTA Group, which has been operating in the real estate market for more than 10 years. Details at the link.


Tuvalu is a 16 square kilometer chain of islands located just over 1,600 km north of Fiji. Only about 11,000 people live on the islands of Tuvalu. Its remote location and lack of natural resources made it an undesirable target for both sides during World War III, and thus afforded safety to its inhabitants.


Chile is a South American country that has a wealth of natural resources and numerous geological features that make for an easy escape should war ever reach South America.

Chile is one of the most developed countries in all of South America, which means it has the infrastructure needed to support the country if the rest of the world goes to war with each other.

South Africa

South Africa is the perfect place to hide from the horrors of World War III. The country has many sources of food, fresh water supplies and fertile land.

It should be noted that there is no safer place in this part of the world than Cape Town - it is a thriving city with modern infrastructure and numerous resources around it. You can fish near the coast, and the mountains surrounding the city isolate it from the rest of the continent.


The world is changing, it is becoming more and more dangerous to live here, but if you have a place in case of a global crisis, you can better prepare for possible troubles.

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