French Tech Visa: obtaining a residence permit under the Passeport Talent program



French Tech Visa: obtaining a residence permit under the Passeport Talent program

France is known for its innovative orientation and support of technology startups. One of the initiatives that helps to attract talented professionals from all over the world is the French Tech Visa, or "French technology visa". Learn more about the main benefits and conditions of participation in the Passeport Talent program

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French Tech Visa is a long-term residence permit in France issued under the Passeport Talent program. This program is designed to attract talented professionals and entrepreneurs to the country. French Tech Visa is granted for 4 years with the possibility of further extension and, subsequently, French citizenship. The program is open to citizens of non-EU countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Brazil etc.

The main goal of the program is to attract creatives, startup founders, experienced professionals, investors, as well as talents in the field of sports and culture. The program is open to applicants who are not citizens of the European Union and who meet the requirements of immigration law.

Features of the Passeport Talent program

Passeport Talent is a special type of French residence permit for persons who can make a significant contribution to the French economy and culture. In 2016, the French law "On the rights of foreigners" was amended to add Article L313-20 and introduce a special category of permits known as "Passeport Talent". During the first year of the project's launch, 27,656 residence permits were issued under the Passeport Talent program. The French Tech Visa is part of the annual French Tech Ticket program, which provides all the necessary resources, including financing, office space, and equipment, to launch a business in France.

The main difference between Passeport Talent is that it provides a residence permit for several years, unlike the standard permit, which is issued for only 1 year. In addition, the spouses of technical visa and Passeport Talent holders, as well as their minor children, are allowed to stay in the country for the entire duration of the main applicant's residence permit. This is a significant advantage, as the family separation procedure is not required.

This program is divided into several categories in which foreign nationals can participate:

1. Employment for skilled workers: the program is open to engineers, political analysts, accounting and management specialists, veterinarians, doctors, dentists and pharmacists. Applicants must have an employment contract for a period of more than 3 months with an annual salary of 38,147 EUR;

2. Employment in innovative companies: foreigners can apply for "Passport Talent" if their work is related to research projects of recognized companies. Applicants must sign an employment contract and have an annual salary of at least 38,147 EUR;

3. Highly skilled work under the European Blue Card: employees with higher education and experience can apply for a French residence permit and have an annual income of at least 53,836.50 EUR;

4. Internal transfer work: employees who work for companies abroad and move to France for paid activities can obtain a Passeport Talent with a minimum salary of 34,332.48 EUR;

5. Scientific activities: graduate masters who are engaged in scientific research or teaching at universities can also apply;

6. Business creation: applicants with at least 5 years of work experience can create and run a business in the commercial, craft or industrial sector;

7. Development and implementation of innovative projects: foreigners who have created a start-up recognized by a French government agency can obtain a long-term residence permit with an annual income of at least EUR 19,074;

8. Investing: wealthy foreigners who have invested at least EUR 300,000 in the local economy and create jobs can also obtain a Talent Passport;

9. Corporate leadership: candidates who hold the position of a representative of a French company must have an annual income of at least 57,220.80 EUR;

10. Artistic and cultural activities: performers and authors of literary or artistic works can also participate in the program.

This program provides foreigners with the opportunity to establish their activities in various fields in France and contributes to the development of the country through various types of talent and professional expertise.

French Tech Visa program terms and conditions

Obtaining a long-term residence permit in France for foreigners who comply with immigration laws requires fulfillment of certain conditions, depending on their activities and purpose of stay in the country. In particular, the French Tech Visa is aimed at developing startups and innovative projects, and obtaining a Talent Passport for its participants involves the following steps:

1. Consultation and obtaining an invitation. A foreigner applies to a law firm, where specialists know all the nuances of participation in the program, advise and assist in the preparation of documents. The application is submitted for consideration, and upon approval, the foreigner receives an official invitation, which is the key to further processing of the French Tech Visa and residence permit;

2. Obtaining an entry permit. A "D" visa to cross the French border is issued with the help of a law firm or provider at the consulate located in the applicant's place of residence;

3. Submission of documents for a residence permit. To receive a Passeport Talent card, a foreigner needs to visit the Paris prefecture together with representatives of a law firm who have made an appointment to submit documents in advance. At this stage, the applicant also pays the required administrative fee;

4. Obtaining a French resident card. After the documents are accepted for consideration by the prefecture, the candidate receives temporary documents granting the right to reside and work in France and other EU countries ("récépissé" and "autorization provisoire"). As a rule, within 1–2 months, a foreigner receives a Passeport Talent plastic card and receives additional advice from the specialists of the provider company on how to integrate into French society.

Advantages of obtaining a French residence permit through a startup visa

Obtaining a French residence permit through the French Tech Visa opens up many advantages and opportunities for foreigners:

1. A path to French citizenship. Holders of a French residence permit obtained through the French Tech Visa can apply for a permanent residence permit or French citizenship after 5 years of continuous residence. It is important to note that during this period, you can leave the country for no more than 10 months;

2. Visa-free travel in Europe. The Passport Talent card allows its holder to travel freely between the countries of the European Union and the Schengen area in a visa-free regime. This makes France an excellent starting point for traveling and business development in Europe;

3. Long-term residence permit. A residence permit obtained through French Tech Visa is issued for 4 years with the possibility of further extension. This allows foreigners to plan their residence and development in France for a long time;

4. Immigration for the whole family. The procedure for obtaining a residence permit is so simplified that it applies to the spouse and minor children of the main applicant. This allows the whole family to immigrate to France without additional complications;

5. Access to the European banking system. Passeport Talent holders can conveniently place money on the accounts of any bank in the EU countries. This facilitates easy financial management and investment in the EU;

6. Business scaling. France has many double taxation treaties with other countries, making it an ideal place for business development. Passeport Talent owners have the right to do business throughout the European Union and enjoy favorable tax conditions;

7. European health insurance. French residents have the opportunity to obtain EU health insurance and enjoy social security on an equal footing with French citizens.

Thus, participation in the French Tech Visa opens up wide opportunities for foreigners seeking a stable and comfortable residence in France and Europe. Obtaining a residence permit and Talent Passport is the first step towards a successful startup, business development and a new life in this influential and innovative country.

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