Where to go on vacation in January 2024: top 8 best destinations



Where to go on vacation in January 2024: top 8 best destinations

It's not easy to choose your next travel destination, but we can suggest a better method than pointing at a globe with your eyes closed. It's likely to stop in the middle of the Atlantic or some other not-so-nice place. Find out more about the best places for your January vacation

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January is a month full of enthusiasm and adventure. It makes sense, since you've spent another year at work, survived the chaos of the silly season, and usually made it through the New Year's celebrations unscathed. The New Year is just around the corner. Pay attention to yourself: you deserve praise for your hard work. A guide that describes where you can go in January, from the jungles of Central America to the beaches of Southeast Asia.

After all the festive enthusiasm, you might be feeling the winter blues. Check out our list of the best places to travel in January if you're looking to escape the cold and snow. In our guide below, you'll find the best places to travel in the new year. Whether it's the white beaches of Costa Rica or the sunshine of California, we have a few countries worth visiting in January. 


Traveling to Thailand in January is a great choice. This month will bring you the cool season and a pleasant average temperature of around 20 degrees, with less rain. This creates ideal conditions for a vacation, allowing you to enjoy a vivid travel experience. Thailand has become a popular destination for winter vacations thanks to its wonderful cities, such as sunny Bangkok and atmospheric Chiang Mai. Among the famous islands, a special place is occupied by Phi Phi Don.

Divided into Big Phi Phi and Little Phi Phi, the island offers different possibilities. Big Phi Phi Don impresses with its nature and full amenities, while Little Phi Phi Don is calmer and attractive for lovers of beautiful landscapes. Fewer tourists can be found here compared to Phuket, providing a peaceful and relaxing vacation. If you like to spend your time at sea or exploring the surrounding area, Phi Phi Don is the perfect choice.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best places to travel in January. Costa Rica is full of adventure. A walk through the rainforest is a great way to start your excursion to see unique wildlife and enjoy the stunning landscape, which consists of volcanic mountains and diverse flora and fauna. Afterward, you can relax on the white beaches and soak up the sun. After communicating with the locals and observing their calm and carefree lifestyle, you can even understand the true meaning of Pura Vida. In January, Costa Rica is a great place to travel because of its delicious cuisine and gorgeous scenery.


Head to Australia if you want to escape the cold this winter. Australia is one of the most diverse countries. Australia is home to unique wildlife and fauna such as kangaroos, koalas, Tasmanian devils and sea crocodiles, starting with the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the world. Australia is a place where you can enjoy life in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney, as well as on clean beaches like Bondi Beach.

South Africa

South Africa is a great place to travel in January. This country is famous for its diversity of flora and fauna, just like Australia. Here you can go on an exciting safari to see natural treasures such as lions, elephants, leopards, African buffaloes and rhinos. Additionally, Cape Town and Johannesburg offer many spectacular places to visit.

Here you can enjoy delicious cuisine, interact with locals, and explore museums that will tell you about the country's history. Traveling to South Africa in January will offer you a unique experience filled with adventure and cultural diversity.


California is an ideal place to travel to the United States in January. This is especially true in Southern California, where you can enjoy the warmth while relaxing on the beaches of San Diego and Los Angeles. Traveling in California offers many opportunities: from relaxing on the beaches and visiting pop culture museums to enjoying authentic cuisine.

For outdoor adventurers, we recommend visiting national parks such as Joshua Tree, Yosemite, and Channel Islands. It's also worth heading north to the Bay Area and checking out the iconic Golden Gate Bridge or visiting the unique streets of San Francisco. California has something for everyone, regardless of your interests, and promises to be a memorable experience.


Mexico is one of the most attractive travel destinations in January. Visit the capital, Mexico City, for fascinating walking tours where you can feel the influence of Spanish heritage and the colonial period. Delve into the atmosphere of authentic Mexican cuisine and visit the markets for unique shopping. If you're looking for a seaside getaway, head to Baja California, where you'll find charming beaches, whale watching, and vibrant artistic communities. Also, worth a visit is San Miguel de Allende, where you can admire the architecture and enjoy the atmosphere of local craft markets.


Spain is another great option for traveling in January. The country is characterized by moderate temperatures, creating ideal conditions for a comfortable stay. Visit historical masterpieces such as the Basilica de la Sagrada Família in Barcelona or the Seville Cathedral, where you can enjoy the atmosphere with a limited number of tourists. From the Moorish palaces of Andalusia to the wine regions of Catalonia, Spain offers a variety of experiences that make for an unbeatable January trip.


Tanzania proves to be an exciting choice for traveling in January. Despite the low season and possible rains, this country blooms with new life. The Serengeti and Ndutu welcome the massive wildebeest migration and calving period, with numerous births, up to 8,000 antelope daily. It's also a time when predators are on the prowl - the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are home to the largest concentration of lions, cheetahs and hyenas in Africa. Watching their fascinating actions in the grass is a unique experience, especially without the tourist crowds.

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