Useful resources and services in Germany for expats: how to make life abroad easier

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Useful resources and services in Germany for expats: how to make life abroad easier

Living abroad, especially in Germany, can be a challenge, but there are a variety of useful resources and services to help you adapt and get the information you need. Learn more about the most popular apps that will make life in Germany easier

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Germany is one of the countries in Europe with the largest number of refugees and emigrants. Currently, the largest number of expats arrive in Germany from Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Italy, Syria, and Austria. Use convenient resources and apps to make your life in Germany easier. Because understanding information allows you to manage your life and make it comfortable.

Useful apps for finding accommodation in Germany is a handy mobile app for renting, buying or selling real estate. Thanks to the available filters, you will quickly find a suitable home or commercial property. An automatic English and German translator makes interacting with the app even more convenient. 

Immobilienscout is another popular platform for finding homes for rent, viewing properties, and selecting land plots for purchase. Both services are known for their convenience and large selection of offers for anyone looking for their own home.

Services for job search in Germany

Indeed & Stepstone is a powerful tool for searching for jobs on your mobile phone. The app offers convenient filters that allow users to choose the region, position, and salary. In addition, information on employee requirements and employer contact details is available, which simplifies the job search process.

Jobsuche App, a mobile job search application, is ideal for anyone looking for a job, regardless of their level of professionalism. Jobs are presented on a map, and users can set up filters by location, transportation route, and salary requirements. The convenient ability to save favorite offers and the support service make this app an important tool for anyone looking for new career opportunities.

Xing is a multifunctional platform for job search and networking in the business environment. Its user-friendly interface allows users to efficiently find jobs and plan their careers. This app helps to create connections and develop a business network, making it an essential tool for professionals in all industries.

Transportation services for expats in Germany

DB Navigator is a reliable mobile application of the German railways that facilitates travel in Germany. The app allows you to buy tickets for intercity trains and public transport, conveniently plan routes and get up-to-date information on train traffic.

Flixbus is a popular app by a well-known low-cost bus company that allows you to conveniently buy budget tickets for traveling in Germany and Europe. Easy to use and reliable for planning your route. is an application for quick and easy search of cars by make, model, and year of manufacture. Sellers and buyers can interact and discuss all the details through this app.

Smartnavigator is a useful tool for motorists that displays information about traffic lights, congestion, and accidents on the road. The navigation controls speed and provides voice instructions, notifying you of speeding.

Komoot is a route planning application for cyclists and pedestrians. It allows you to calculate the distance, determine the level of physical fitness and take into account information about the road surface. is an easy-to-use app that allows you to find the nearest gas stations and check current gasoline prices.

Urlaubsguru & Urlaubspiraten - these apps offer special travel deals, helping you find the best travel destinations and save on your vacation.

Apps for ordering food and groceries in Germany

Lieferando is not just an app, but a real assistant for those who appreciate comfort and taste. As an analog of Uber Eats, it is one of the most popular food delivery services in Germany. With Lieferando, you can easily order food from a variety of restaurants and cafés, enjoying the taste of your favorite dishes right at home.

Too Good To Go is a unique app for budget-conscious shoppers. By partnering with restaurants and shops, it offers products that remain unsold during the day at reduced prices. However, it is important to be quick, as available products are sold out at the moment.

Rewe and Picknick are mobile applications of supermarkets in Germany that provide online ordering and delivery of groceries, pharmacy goods, and beverages. The convenient online shopping cart and pickup option makes shopping even easier.

Hellofresh is the perfect app for those who value gastronomic experiences and don't want to waste time looking for recipes. The service offers the exact amount of ingredients for each recipe presented on the platform and delivers them directly to your door, allowing you to enjoy your culinary creation effortlessly.

Platforms for expats in Germany to get medical services

Doctolib is an innovative mobile app that is one of the top 50 apps and provides continuous access to a variety of medical specialists. You can conveniently make an appointment for a video consultation with a doctor at any time of the day or night. In addition, the app keeps a detailed history of visits and stores all medical documents. It is important to note that Doctolib is relevant in the Schengen area, which makes it easier to get medical advice even if you do not speak the language of the country. is an application developed by the National Association of Compulsory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) designed to serve patients. It makes it easy to find the nearest emergency rooms, get free consultations from doctors, and view test results. This app makes medical care more accessible and convenient for patients, allowing them to get the necessary information and advice on their own smartphone.

Services for banking and financial services in Germany

Payback is an innovative program that gives you the opportunity to increase your bonus points with every purchase in selected stores. Earned bonus points can be exchanged for special gifts in the large online Payback store, or converted into euros to pay for goods in partner stores of the program. This app is designed for those who value profitability and make regular purchases, allowing them to receive additional benefits.

N26 is the most popular mobile banking app in Germany. Its main advantage is the ease of opening an account and the speed of financial transactions. Process automation and the ability to create templates make it an ideal tool for convenient and fast transactions.

Wise is a popular financial app that allows you to make international money transfers without any hassle. Its simple and intuitive interface makes it an essential tool for those who frequently interact with foreign financial transactions.

World Remit - this application opens up opportunities for cross-border transfers in more than 150 countries. It is a convenient and fast tool for the efficient exchange of funds.

Finanzguru is an interesting financial application that helps you manage your budget, taking into account projected expenses and income. It gives you the opportunity to keep control of your financial situation, helping you plan the efficient use of funds.

Visit World service platform for traveling or moving to 199 countries

Visit World is a platform where you can find answers and questions about moving or traveling around the world through a convenient search, as well as purchase the necessary related services for products. The site provides free information on entering and legally staying in any of the 199 countries for tourism, work, study, medical treatment, residence permit or citizenship.

You just need to scroll down the page to the search engine, enter your citizenship and country of destination. After that, you need to choose the category for entry: Tourism, Work, Study, Medical Treatment, Immigration, or Digital Nomads. After that, you will have access to all the necessary information.

In addition, Visit World offers checklists with step-by-step guides for entering the desired country, travel or health insurance from leading insurance companies, as well as professional legal advice. In the News section, you will find all the latest events from the world of travel, and the online chat hotline will answer all additional questions.

Igor Usyk - Head of Migration department at VisitWorld

To ensure a safe move to a new country, I advise you to consult a specialist. My colleagues, qualified specialists with a legal education, will help you avoid unpleasant situations during migration.

Products from Visit World for a comfortable trip:

Checklist for obtaining a visa and necessary documents in Germany;

Legal advice on immigration in Germany;

Travel insurance for foreigners in Germany;

Medical insurance all over the world.

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