The best jobs for expats in Europe in 2024: a detailed overview



The best jobs for expats in Europe in 2024: a detailed overview

Europe remains an attractive destination for talented professionals from various industries. In 2024, the labour market offers a number of interesting job opportunities for expats who want to develop their careers in a new cultural and business environment. Learn more about the best jobs in various industries that offer interesting prospects for international professionals

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Are you planning to move abroad in 2024? Europe offers many job opportunities for expats. This article presents a selection of vacancies that are of most interest to international employers. Your new career can start here!

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Business and sales

A career in business development and sales is a great opportunity for those who can actively communicate and work with clients and companies. In particular, international companies are constantly looking for native speakers to fill key positions in this field. Work in business development and sales is becoming a significant example of a highly paid activity for foreigners.

This area provides an opportunity to actively influence business development and significantly increase revenues. The ability to communicate in different languages makes this area ideal for those who value intercultural interaction. In particular, jobs in this field are compensated on a commission basis, making them an ideal choice for expats considering a move to European countries such as Norway or the Netherlands. Here, a high standard of living is combined with the opportunity to increase your income through efficiency in work, providing additional comfort for living in the chosen countries.

Finance and accounting

A career in finance is always associated with high incomes, but what if, as an expert in this field, you could not only earn excellent fees, but also move to a country with a thriving economy?

International employers are now actively looking for multilingual professionals for key positions in the financial and accounting sectors. In a world of open opportunities, you can find jobs in payroll, financial consulting, or corporate accounting in various European countries.

A change of residence, improved economic conditions and new professional challenges are all possible if you decide to combine your career in finance and accounting with the dream of an incredible life abroad. Take the first step on your journey to international success in finance - many opportunities and new achievements await you.

Digital marketing and advertising

The field of digital marketing and advertising is not only one of the most popular options for remote employment, but has also become very attractive to expats. Such diverse and high-tech jobs attract the attention of professionals because of their availability for online work. Specialists in this field are able to work anywhere in the world, making it an ideal option for those planning to relocate.

Social media and digital advertising allow companies to achieve incredible results, so employers are actively looking for qualified specialists in this area. Knowledge of foreign languages is especially important for creating content aimed at different countries, given the multicultural audience of international business.

Working in this field combines creativity and data analytics, which makes it incredibly exciting and rewarding. The high dynamics of digital marketing development makes these positions one of the most popular among expats. Their demand is only growing, giving professionals around the world the opportunity to find lucrative jobs and realize their potential in other countries.

Customer support service

Customer support has become one of the most popular industries for expats, where there is a great demand for native speakers. In large companies, special attention is paid to the quality of customer service, and for this purpose, international teams are formed that speak different languages, guaranteeing an individual approach.

Working in customer support is not only a great responsibility, but also a job that allows you to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life. This sector often offers flexible working hours and a great benefits package. What's more, it's one of those jobs for expats that can be done completely remotely, with the possibility of obtaining the necessary equipment to work comfortably from home.

International companies across Europe offer attractive working conditions and modern offices in countries that have long been favourites among expats, such as Greece, Spain, and Portugal. You can also count on support and a relocation package to make your move easy if you decide to start a new phase of your life abroad.

Human Resources

It is obvious that companies need a strong HR team that is able to effectively hire new employees and take care of the comfort and development of existing staff.

If you dream of working for foreigners and enjoy communicating with people, working in the HR department may be the perfect choice. International companies are actively looking for specialists from all over the world, and they especially appreciate candidates who speak foreign languages to work in HR departments.

By choosing this field of work for expats, you can use your language skills to help others find their dream job abroad, organize trainings for their professional development, or help create a healthy work culture in the office.

Working in Human Resources, you'll encounter diverse, appreciative people, build effective communication, and know that you're making a difference in creating a positive and nurturing work environment for everyone in the company.


Today's world is a world of data, and the daily processing of a huge amount of information requires highly qualified specialists. Data analysts are at the forefront of this process and are becoming one of the most sought-after professions for expats in Europe.

Data processing, analysis, and decision-making skills are becoming key skills that only a select few should have. High salaries and attractive bonuses make this profession attractive to those who are willing to make efforts to develop in this area. Competent analysts can expect competitive salaries in leading European countries.

Although this is not a profession where communication is crucial, knowledge of foreign languages is a great advantage. Data analysts interact with different teams, especially in international companies, where they may deal with people from different nationalities and cultures, communicating in different languages.

Content Moderation

In the world of modern business, content has become a key element in keeping companies on top. However, it is important not only to create content but also to ensure its quality, especially for those who care about their brand and image. With the amount of information being created every day, it is impossible for one person to track and verify all of it. That's why companies around the world form teams of content moderators.

A content moderator is responsible for ensuring the safety of the digital space for users. They act as the gatekeeper of the Internet, ensuring a positive user experience and removing inappropriate content from places where it is not welcome. Given the growing influence of content on a daily basis, the job of a content moderator is becoming increasingly popular among expats. Language skills are becoming a necessary element in this profession to effectively review content in different regions and languages.


The IT sector is experiencing its golden age all over the world. Professionals gifted in programming not only receive high salaries, but also have the opportunity to find work anywhere in the world. One of the most popular vacancies is a technical consultant. This position is ideal for beginners in the IT industry or those who have a passion for the industry but do not have deep knowledge of programming.

The role of a technical consultant is to resolve technical issues faced by clients. This job lies at the intersection of IT and UX - you need to understand websites, explain basic concepts to those who don't have a background in the field, and make changes when necessary.

Why is this a great job for expats? In addition to basic programming skills and knowledge of HTML, technical consultants also need to be able to communicate in foreign languages. They often interact with clients, so they are expected to be fluent in more than one language.


One of the most obvious and important jobs for expats is working in tourism. The most popular position is that of a travel consultant. Interestingly, this job can be done remotely, which opens up the possibility for expats to become full-fledged digital nomads!

Many migrants choose tourism as a field of activity because travelling is something they know well. Providing advice to less experienced travellers can be very satisfying. You have a unique opportunity to help others avoid common travel mistakes by acting as their advisor.

What's special about this job is that you can combine business with pleasure by working in a field you enjoy. Imagine that your advice can help someone create an unparalleled travel experience. This is beneficial for both you and those who listen to you. To find a job like this, all you need to do is speak one or two additional languages, be a travel enthusiast, and check out a job board.

There is a whole group of job search websites specialized in jobs abroad. They are more efficient than general job boards because they only offer positions that require specific language skills and are located in specific countries. Most of the jobs on these international resources are designed for expats, providing them with special benefits. These benefits may include relocation assistance, reimbursement of airfare, support with paperwork and visas, and assistance in finding housing in other countries.

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