The Complete Guide to Traveling with a Newborn: Benefits and Tips



The Complete Guide to Traveling with a Newborn: Benefits and Tips

Until recently, it was believed that only extreme parents could decide to travel with a baby. And other passengers looked at families with small children with great sympathy. However, little travellers can and should discover the world! Find out more about the features and important aspects of travelling with newborns

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Order an insurance policy for safe travel to any part of the world

Did you know that children who are allowed to explore the world beyond the playpen or stroller develop differently? Travelling gives babies the opportunity to see endless spaces, observe nature and learn new things. Travelling is not only a change of place, but also an opening of new horizons for the child. You can limit yourself to regular walks, but travelling will open up new perspectives for your child, changing their world-view.

Practical tips for travelling with babies

Modern parents have a large selection of devices for comfortable travelling with children, which makes travelling with a baby no less comfortable than staying at home. However, even with all the necessary accessories, it is important to keep in mind the impact of travelling on the child's health.

Travelling is always stressful for babies, so travelling with children in the first year of life should be deliberate and carefully planned. It is important that the child feels comfortable and safe.

The most convenient mode of transport for travelling with a baby is a car. When travelling by car, you can make stops as needed, and provide your baby with a full sleeping place in the back seat.

When planning a trip, you should take into account the child's interests and organise a diet that does not differ from the usual one. It is better to introduce new foods into the diet carefully to avoid allergic reactions.

It is necessary to have a set of necessary things with you, such as a sling, nappies, diapers, baby cosmetics, a first aid kit, and toys. Particular attention should be paid to a travel first aid kit, which should contain all the necessary first aid supplies.

Remember that there are no age restrictions on travelling for babies, but it is important to choose a holiday destination where they will feel comfortable and relaxed. The duration of the holiday should not be less than 14 days so that the child can adapt to the new environment.

Choosing a destination and place for travelling with newborns

When planning a trip with a small child, it is important to take into account many factors, including the season, duration of the holiday and budget. Do your best to research this issue, using the experience of travelling mums and traveller reviews. Research the routes and details carefully. Choose early booking to have more options and save money. Don't forget about last-minute tours, which can be cheaper. While the child is young, it is better to choose one place to rest and make short routes from there. This approach will ensure comfort and convenience for the whole family.

What type of transport is best for travelling with babies?

Travelling with a baby in your own car is convenient and safe, but it requires stops for the baby to rest. It is recommended to take into account the time the child can spend in the car seat: up to 6 months - 30–40 minutes, 6–8 months - from an hour to two, 8 months and older - 3–4 hours.

Travelling by train or plane can be exciting, but there is a certain risk of infection. When choosing a trip, you should choose a night train so that your baby can sleep. When travelling by plane, it is important to find out about the availability of a carrycot and the use of a car seat during the flight. Ask for an aisle seat for convenience.

Don't forget about your child's health during the flight: feed your baby during take-off and landing, and provide water for your older child to swallow. Also, have nose and ear drops on hand in case of stuffiness. Travelling with a baby is a wonderful experience, but it requires preparation and attention to their needs.

First aid kit when travelling with small children

Before travelling with a small child, you should consult your doctor about vaccinations. Remember, your child's safety always comes first. Some countries require mandatory vaccinations for entry, so don't leave it to the last minute. Some vaccinations take several weeks or months to fully protect.

Don't forget to prepare a first aid kit for your trip. It should contain antiseptics, antihistamines, fever and pain relief, medicines for digestive disorders, mosquito repellents, sunscreen and skin care products.

In order to protect yourself and your children while travelling abroad, take out a health insurance policy, as it guarantees high-quality medical care anywhere in the world and can protect you from unnecessary expenses while travelling.  You can buy insurance from trusted agents on the Visit World portal. Follow the link, choose your citizenship and country of destination and look for a policy that meets your specific requirements.

What things should you take when travelling with a newborn?

It is important to balance the list of necessary things: do not forget about your favourite toys and comfort items, but do not overload yourself with unnecessary things. In the new environment, the child will need more attention, so it is better to provide him or her with time than to deal with numerous whims.

For young children, a sling or ergonomic backpack is an indispensable item, and a stroller or lightweight walking stroller will also come in handy. If you have a car, take care of a car seat, because road safety is the key to a successful journey.

The minimum of necessary things for the baby: diapers, skin care products, a cosy place to sleep. Don't forget about your positive emotions - they are just as important for the baby's comfort. If travelling causes a lot of stress, it's not worth it.

A few favourite toys, paper, crayons, pencils and audiobooks will provide entertainment on the road. But the most important thing is your active participation. Playing word games, singing, storytelling is a great way to keep in touch and develop your child. Enjoy every moment together! Remember that travelling is not only an adventure, but also an opportunity to get closer to your baby.

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