How to obtain a work visa to Australia: necessary documents, rules



How to obtain a work visa to Australia: necessary documents, rules

Australia has a very high standard of living and good prospects. Therefore, this country is attractive to hundreds of thousands of immigrants annually. There are indeed not enough workers here – anyone can find a job in Australia. Who can get a job in Australia? It all depends on your qualifications and skills. The list of professions in demand in this country consists of hundreds of positions. For example, economists, engineers, scientists, doctors, and workers from different fields.
You can go to work in Australia in two ways – skilled migration or a work visa. The majority often choose the first option, because it is easier to obtain.

Professional migration to Australia

Migration to Australia is divided into two types – a nationwide and to a separate state. If you need to go to Australia under the nationwide program, choose visa 189, and if under the separate state program – 190.
To do this, you need to meet certain criteria:
1) Work experience in the specialty – at least 1 year;
2) Secondary or higher education in the specialty;
3) Age – from 18 to 50 years;
4) English proficiency at the IELTS level 6;
5) Completed migration application form. 

To go to Australia for work with the help of skilled migration, you need to follow some steps:
1) Take the IELTS exam;
2) Make a package of documents you will need when applying for a job (diploma of education, passport, job recommendation, motivation letter, etc.);
3) Documents translated into English need to be scanned and sent to an organization that will confirm your qualification. As a rule, this is a union or association of specialists from your profession;
4) Register an immigration application on the website of the Department of Migration of Australia;
5) If you want to find a job under a separate state program, you must submit an additional application on the state website, usually in the "Sponsorship" section. It is necessary to attach your qualifications and other documents to it.
6) After the migration officer gives a positive answer, you will receive a request to undergo a medical examination on your e-mail. You have to go through it in your country. 
7) If all goes well, you will be issued an e-visa and an invitation.
You can then look for a job in Australia.