All about medical visa and health insurance for foreigners in Canada



All about medical visa and health insurance for foreigners in Canada

Medicine in Canada occupies a leading position in the world. The government is investing a lot of money in the development of this industry. There are many public and private clinics here that can treat even rare and complex diseases. Medical tourism is widespread in Canada. This means that people from other countries come here specifically to have an operation or get rid of a complex disease. At the same time, there are programs in the country that contribute to the availability of medicine for all people, regardless of their income.

General information

Canadian medicine is funded by citizens' taxes. In each province of the state, the policy of taxation and medical care is different from each other. However, they are united by Health Card insurance policies. This is an insurance card that allows you to use medical care. Each province has its own Health Card. Therefore, when moving, an immigrant must order an insurance card for exactly the region where he plans to stay for permanent residence.

Every Health Card holder, regardless of whether he is a Canadian citizen or not, if necessary, can come to the doctor for help. The list of services covered by insurance is determined by the government of a particular province. They differ in different parts of the country. The services of dentistry, cosmetology, and plastic surgery remain paid for. In addition, you additionally need to buy certain types of drugs and analyses.

Canadian Medical Visa

In Canadian law, there is the concept of a "visitor visa". It makes it possible not only to stay in the country for 6 months but also to be treated in local clinics. Therefore, it can be used specifically for medical care. When receiving it at the consulate, it is necessary to argue the need for a document. This is done with the help of the conclusion of Canadian clinic specialists who write out an epicurises with a description of the disease and confirm the need for treatment in their institution.

In this case, you must pay a state fee of 100 US dollars. The processing time depends on the country of the applicant and the employment of the consulate. To obtain a visa, you must complete the following procedures:

  • Issue a confirmation of the diagnosis at a local clinic at the place of permanent residence.
  • Send applications to several Canadian clinics with a description of the disease. After receiving the answers, the patient has the opportunity to choose one of them. Including the basis of the cost of treatment.
  • Collect documents. A complete list of them is indicated in the invitation. Usually, this is a questionnaire form, photographs, a passport, documents from the bank, and medical insurance.
  • Confirm the possibility of payment. To do this, you must provide a tax return for the past 6 months, as well as open an account in one of the Canadian banks. 50% of the amount for future treatment is transferred to the specified account.