Everything about health insurance and visa for treatment in Spain



Everything about health insurance and visa for treatment in Spain

Spain is a sunny, tourist country. But despite this, medicine in this country is one of the best in the world.  According to the WHO, Spain's medical system ranks 4th in terms of quality. Often, treatment abroad helps to solve various health problems that are difficult to solve in one's own country. Treatment in Spain is considered very effective and because of this, many foreigners come here.

The country has public and private medicine. State medicine in most cases is free here. However, despite the excellently developed state medicine, private medicine is often used even by citizens of the country. The medical system in Spain is financed by taxes from working citizens. Therefore, almost 94% of the population can use free medicine in any part of the country.

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Medical assistance for foreigners

Foreigners who come to Spain are also entitled to free treatment. However, for this, they must have a residence permit (padrón). If you are in the country illegally, medical care is only available to you in an emergency. Pregnant foreign women in the country also have the right to medical assistance and management of the entire pregnancy, provided they have a residence permit. Pregnant women and children under the age of 18 can use medicine without registration.

You can also get a medical card, which gives you the right to use medical care in clinics and emergency departments.  f you work officially in Spain, you get completely different health insurance, for which you need to pay monthly contributions through your employer.