Medicine in Bahrain: treatment features, health insurance



Medicine in Bahrain: treatment features, health insurance

The Kingdom of Bahrain is situated on a small archipelago of 51 natural and 33 artificial islands, the centre of which is Bahrain Island, occupying about 83% of the country. It is a country sandwiched between the peninsula of Qatar and the northeastern coast of Saudi Arabia and is connected by the 25-km-long Kingfahad Bridge.

Bahrain is a country where medical tourism has been developed due to the very high standards of medical services and low medical expenses by European standards. Medical tourism is an integral part of the economy of Bahrain. Today, the number of modern private medical centres in the country is constantly growing.

Healthcare system 

Smart treatments, medical practices and the latest drugs are available at various hospitals and medical centres in Bahrain. In addition to public hospitals, there are also several private clinics. General surgery, cardiology, gynaecology, internal medicine, obstetrics, orthopaedics and dentistry are available and various medical services such as CT scans and MRIs are provided. Pharmacies sell a wide range of medicines, but many require a doctor's prescription. It is possible to pay medical costs immediately when you receive medical services.

In rural areas, many people still rely on traditional medicinal herbs made from palm flowers, pollen and buds.

How to get medical treatment in Bahrain

Travellers are required to take out medical insurance to travel abroad. The name of the traveller and the length of stay is indicated. We recommend that you always carry your insurance policy with you during your stay. Please note that illnesses related to pregnancy and alcohol/drug abuse are not covered by insurance.

When visiting a health care provider, please call the Visit World insurance representative at the phone number given on the insurance policy and inform them of the name, date of birth, policy number, etc. of the insured person. A Visit World representative will refer you to a doctor if necessary. The insurance company will cover the cost of the medical examination and subsequent treatment.

In some cases, you may have to pay for on-site treatment. This should be arranged with your insurance company. In such cases, the costs incurred when the traveller attends an insurance event will be reimbursed by Visit World upon the traveller's return (enclose confirmation).

If the traveller goes to the doctor himself/herself, bypassing the insurance company, he/she takes care of all medical expenses and cannot claim full reimbursement from the insurance company.

Visit World is a reliable insurance company. With new technology and business solutions, we offer the best service at competitive prices to meet your needs.

Documents Required

To arrange insurance for medical treatment in Bahrain, you'll need your passport or a copy of it. You will also need to know your intended dates of travel.


The insurance covers most medical care, not including dental care and drugs from private pharmacies. You can only rarely go to the dentist without paying a single crown. Visit Word will provide you with insurance for comfortable treatment in Bahrain. 

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