Moving to Spain for permanent residence: grounds for obtaining. Golden visa to Spain

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Moving to Spain for permanent residence: grounds for obtaining. Golden visa to Spain

Moving to Spain for permanent residence attracts thousands of migrants from all over the world. And this is not surprising, as this country boasts no corruption at the household level, a developed healthcare and education system, and high social protection. Learn more about the possibilities and grounds for obtaining a residence permit for migrants in Spain

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Spain is one of the European countries with a high level of security, medicine, education, and, in general, a high social and economic level. Here you can plan your life for several years ahead. There is no corruption at the household level (in government agencies, schools, and kindergartens, you will not need to resolve issues outside the law). In addition, the local population is tolerant towards representatives of different nations. Therefore, the country is often chosen for emigration and departure for permanent residence. Of course, the question arises of how difficult it is to obtain citizenship in Spain, what steps need to be taken for this, and what documents to collect.

Permanent residence (the term is not official) is often understood as a residence permit, which is granted after a foreigner has lived in Spain on a temporary residence permit for more than five years. After that, he has the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence, which can be renewed every five years, if there is no goal of obtaining citizenship in this country. This choice is associated with the need to renounce the citizenship of the country of origin since dual citizenship is prohibited under Spanish law.

The concept of permanent residence is closely related to residence permits. It is quite difficult to get a primary permanent residence permit issued for a year in Spain, you need to go through a lot of formalities. Buying a home is not a requirement for obtaining citizenship in Spain, but the possession of real estate or sufficient material resources to purchase it can facilitate and simplify the paperwork.

Among the most popular temporary residence permits in Spain are:

- tourism;

- education in the country.

With a tourist visa, a foreigner can stay in Spain for up to 90 days out of 180, for citizens of non-EU (Schengen) countries. In total, you can stay on a tourist visa for up to 180 days per year. A student visa entitles you to study in Spain and allows you to stay in the country for the entire duration of your studies.

There are several types of residence / temporary residence permits in Spain:

1) Primary residence permit in Spain;

2) Updated residence permit;

3) Ordinary residence permit;

4) Permanent residence permit in Spain;

5) Emergency residence permit;

6) Residence permit in connection with family reunification.