How to get a job in Great Britain: detailed steps for employment in country

United Kingdom


How to get a job in Great Britain: detailed steps for employment in country

Working abroad is not only an opportunity for a dramatic career change, but also a unique experience in your personal life. Britain, with its rich history, cultural diversity and economic potential, attracts many international professionals. To start a new chapter of your career in the UK, it is important to understand the process of obtaining a work visa. Find out more about the detailed steps you need to take to be successfully employed in this country

The United Kingdom is a country of endless opportunities and high career growth. A dream country not only for tourists but also for those who want to live and work there. England with its high economic development, European wages each year attracts a large number of potential employees. However, not everyone manages to get there, and even stay to work. The selection is tough, and only the best are chosen. Therefore, you have every chance to become such a specialist.

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Conditions for employment in the UK

To begin with, let's define the first indicators that you have a chance to work in England. Since this country only accepts qualified staff you must have:

  • Excellent knowledge of English (without the language there is very difficult). At a minimum, you must have a B1 level confirmed by a certificate.
  • Perfectly composed resume. It is better to create a resume based on a proven template. You should only state the facts and additional letters of recommendation from your previous employers.
  • To be a highly qualified specialist. It is possible that your education will not comply with British labor law. You can contact the NARIC service. Here you can confirm the qualification and level of language.

Although this does not guarantee that you will be employed, it is a bad step to meet the dream job. Then you will find a job, have a successful interview, and receive an invitation to work from the employer.

Job search

If you have already understood the rules of labour immigration and appreciated your chances, we start looking for a job. You can look for vacancies for yourself:

Because of recruitment companies that will hire you, but it will not be free. But in England, work is highly paid, so you can return everything. You can search for yourself from home, using online resources, the sites of public employment centers, or by searching for advertising.

If you are a high-class specialist, you can go to work on the HSMP program. You must pass the test and score enough points. You will be issued a special visa, and you will not only be able to get a job but also get citizenship much faster. In order not to make a mistake in choosing a job, you should think about everything several times and carefully choose a vacancy according to your skills and abilities.

Here are popular job search sites in England: