Work and employment in Greece: what professions are popular and how to apply for a visa



Work and employment in Greece: what professions are popular and how to apply for a visa

It is believed that a job offer from a foreign employer is perhaps the easiest way to move to any country. Especially if the potential employee has a good education and a well-seek profession. But if to talk about Greece, finding your place in the sun is not a piece of cake. This is enhanced by a long economic crisis, high unemployment, and limited choice of open vacancies. And, finally, the mentality of the locals: Greek employers simply do not want to make efforts for obtaining additional permits.

Employment visa: design features

Any foreigner for employment in Greece is required to obtain a work permit, conclude an employment contract and also obtain a work visa (type D). Such a visa will be sufficient for seasonal work (not exceeding 90 days). For a longer stay, an immigrant will have to apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a temporary residence permit (TRP).

To apply for a visa, one will need the following package of documents:

  • travel ID with at least 2 blank pages;
  • internal ID;
  • completed visa application form filled in English or Greek;
  • the original version of the employment contract, certified by the relevant state body, which states all conditions of employment and the paper’s validity;
  • official invitation from the employer;
  • health insurance with 30,000 euros coverage sum of at least;
  • a certificate of no criminal record translated into Greek and notarized;
  • a medical certificate confirming the absence of dangerous diseases;
  • room/apartment rental agreement;
  • confirmation of financial solvency: bank statements, certificates confirming the level of wages, and other payments.

Depending on the specialty, the consul may additionally request confirmations of qualification and education, certificates of language proficiency, and recommendations from a previous job, as well as the results of qualification tests. Usually, the process of filing documents becomes complicated due to a large number of nuances. Our specialists will help to take into account all of them and speed up the process of obtaining a visa.

Important: coming to Greece on a tourist visa, and then reissuing it for working on the spot will not work. The country simply does not provide such an option. A foreigner will have to travel back home and go through the process of obtaining a work visa.

What professions are in demand?

Due to the mentality and desire to enjoy life, Greeks prefer to work in public institutions and particularly dislike jobs related to the service sector. Therefore, foreigners are most often involved in tourism, sales, service, etc. As a rule, such work involves a rather intense schedule and pretty low wages (about 500-600 euros per month). Also, a foreigner should leave the idea of comfortable working conditions.

There are usually few open positions. But if you are determined, check the following options:

  • Knowledge of foreign languages ​​will make it possible to work as a tourist guide or animator in a hotel;
  • Hotels and resorts need maids, hostesses, and waiters;
  • High family values ​​make the work of experienced housekeepers, nannies, and carers for the elderly or seriously ill people quite important;
  • Men can look for positions as loaders, masons, welders, or concrete workers.

Informal employment: Responsibility

At first, illegal employment may seem like an attractive prospect. But in addition to the low wages and difficult conditions, the worker gets unprotected. Moreover, he/she becomes a violator. In case of police check and detention, the immigrant will receive a fine (for 1200 euros), or a maximum charge  –  imprisonment for 18 months, followed by deportation from the country and a ban on entering the Schengen area for the next 5 years.

For many people, living in Greece sounds like a dream, but living in the country has its pros and cons. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of living in Greece here

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