How to get Danish citizenship and what privileges await you

Residence permit


How to get Danish citizenship and what privileges await you

Denmark is a very popular immigration destination not only in the CIS and Europe but all over the world. The country offers a high standard of living, attractive wages, and excellent development opportunities. A permanent residence permit grants its holder all the rights of a Danish citizen, except the right to vote.
Residents of the State of Denmark are provided with social security and a high standard of living, free medical care, and secondary education.

How can I become a Danish citizen?

- Legal marriage to a citizen of an EU Member State (the possibility of a fictitious marriage is carefully checked by the immigration authorities).
The area where the family will live must be about 20 square meters per person. The dwelling can be owned or rented.
- Naturalisation. The procedure requires applicants to have lived in Denmark for at least 6 years and to pass a Danish language test. It is also necessary to confirm that the applicants have no criminal record or tax liabilities in their home country.
- Establishment of a private company or acquisition of an existing Danish organization. Many businessmen are discouraged by the high taxes in Denmark. But those who dare to take this step can open up great prospects. A stable economy, low levels of corruption, and no unnecessary bureaucratic barriers facilitate the development of any profitable business.
- Escape from political and social repression.
- Permanent and long-term employment in Danish companies. To immigrate to Denmark in this way, foreigners need to enter into employment contracts with local entrepreneurs.
- Long-term study abroad at a university in Denmark. All studies in the state are tuition-based, and there is no state funding for foreign students. All students must also be fluent in Danish and English.