Healthcare in Ireland: features, prices, necessary documents



Healthcare in Ireland: features, prices, necessary documents

Medicine in Ireland is recognized as one of the most effective and modern in the world. Doctors in Ireland earn very well, they are respected and trusted. There are no usual clinics, almost all issues are handled by a family doctor who conducts an appointment in a private office or one equipped at home. The family doctor makes vaccinations, express tests, and even ultrasounds.

The office is equipped with the latest technology, which allows the patient to receive all the necessary medical care immediately, except for the need to contact specialists of a narrow profile. The latter are respected professionals, for admission to which people pay a lot even with state insurance.

Health insurance in Ireland

In this country, it is not necessary to have health insurance, but most people buy it because healthcare is very expensive. There are public and private insurance companies. State insurance does not cover 100% of the costs, so even for a doctor's appointment, you will have to pay extra. Insurance in private companies is usually paid by the employer. This is a common benefit for the company's employees.

Basic insurance costs about 100 euros per month. However, if you need additional insurance, the price can increase significantly, because it includes dentistry, ophthalmology, physical procedures, etc.

What documents are needed to go to Ireland for treatment

To come to Ireland for treatment, you need to obtain a short-term category C visa for treatment. It allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days for medical procedures.

At the same time, there are several conditions for obtaining this visa:

1) If the medical procedure you need is not performed in your country of


2) Your chosen clinic confirmed the intention to take you for treatment;

3) You can pay for the treatment yourself;

Important: category C visa does not allow to be treated in public clinics. 

Anyone planning to be treated in Ireland must apply for a visa. This should be done 3 months before the planned trip.