Where and how tourists can use medical care in Malta



Where and how tourists can use medical care in Malta

Malta is a small country in Europe. The Mediterranean Sea is the first thing that attracts tourists to Malta from all over the world. And not only. Treatment abroad is a question that is often asked when planning a trip to a particular country. Medical tourism is well-developed in Malta. If we talk about public medical institutions, you can get help from them for free. This applies to citizens of the country (according to the European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) and residents of other European countries. The healthcare system in Malta is financed at a high level. All this is due to the well-established taxation system in the country and the regular payment of national insurance premiums by employees, as well as employers. This is a separate fund of the state, which covers most of the services related to treatment (narrow specialists, pregnancy and childbirth, urgent hospitalization, rehabilitation, etc.).

Despite the relatively small area of ​​the island, the quality of medicine here is at a good European level, and the cost of services is several times cheaper than in other European countries, for example, neighboring Italy. Conclusions can also be drawn about the level of medical services provided by the average life expectancy of the local population: 85 years for women and 80 years for men. In the World Happiness Report (an annual report on finding solutions to the sustainable development of different countries), assessing the level of medicine, UN experts included Malta in the list of the happiest countries in the European Union.

There are not only public hospitals on the island but also private clinics. As a rule, they turn to private medical institutions for paid help, but insurance is needed. Foreigners who come to Malta are required to have a medical insurance policy. The higher the coverage amount, the better. Another condition is that the term of such a policy should not end earlier than the term of stay in the country. 

A separate and popular topic is a dental treatment abroad. Dental services in Malta are also very affordable. All doctors speak English and provide the highest quality of service. All dental centers are mostly private (Southgate Dental Centre, Smile Dental Clinic - Gozo, Smile Dental Clinic - Davinci Hospital). The facility offers a full range of general dental treatments for dental care (treatment, prevention, extraction, anesthesia, and more). The most highly qualified doctors work here, using only innovative and advanced technologies in this field of medicine.