Medicine in Cambodia: insurance, types of treatment, visa to the country



Medicine in Cambodia: insurance, types of treatment, visa to the country

Cambodia is one of those countries where the level of medical care is not high. Medical care in public hospitals is mostly free, but in practice it turns out that you have to pay for everything. Pharmacies are everywhere and there are a lot of them, but despite the low level of medicine, the prices for medicines are very high. In the villages, a paramedic or a healer is responsible for the health of the residents. Health insurance does not cover the basic costs of treatment, so it is important to have an international insurance policy. Especially if you have some serious health problems, it will give you the opportunity to get even medical evacuation. Visitors usually go to good private clinics where the quality of service is much better. Although it is not compulsory to have health insurance in the country, it is necessary for your safety. And thanks to insurance you get some benefits, namely high quality medical care.
Medicine in the country is not yet very developed, so this level of service, because there is no normal funding. There are no qualified personnel in hospitals. Therefore, even citizens often go to neighboring countries for treatment. Many local people, especially doctors, do not speak English. Therefore, for quality communication you need to know the language of the country.
There are several international medical institutions in Cambodia. The most popular are:
- Royal Phnom Penh Hospital
- Sen Sok International University Hospital
- Sunrise Japan Hospital
Almost all such clinics have foreign owners. These clinics employ specialists who speak English, so there is a greater likelihood of finding a common language. The level of service is higher than just in public hospitals and, accordingly, many qualified specialists.

Health insurance

When choosing a health insurance policy you should pay attention to some points:
- annual limit of the insurer;
- the list of risks that will be covered;
- the possibility of evacuation (if necessary);
- what are the exceptions;
- the cost of the policy.
The annual limit depends on the chosen program and ranges from $ 250 000 to $ 1000 000.
It is worth paying special attention to what risks this policy can cover, as your health depends on it. Not every program can cover the cost of oncology treatment. Therefore, if you are going to the country for treatment of this disease, this should be taken into account.

Types of treatment

Having insurance you can choose inpatient treatment in case of illness. Such treatment provides the opportunity to stay in the hospital for 24 hours. In most cases, insurance covers all costs, but it all depends on the established limit on the policy. If you are going to undergo serious treatment, it is worth discussing everything with the person who insures you in advance so that there are no misunderstandings later.
Another option is outpatient treatment. This type of treatment involves a short stay in a medical institution. This is possible in the treatment of colds. If you are treating chronic diseases, then a daily consultation with a doctor will entail high costs. The cost of such consultation will be $ 50. If additional examinations are required, the amount is doubled.
Choosing health insurance with the possibility of evacuation, due to the low level of medicine in Cambodia, you can be sent for treatment to Thailand or Vietnam. The cost of evacuation can cost up to $20,000. Therefore, this is an important point when choosing an insurance policy.
Dental services here are also not cheap. The cost of installing 4 crowns and root canal treatment will cost $240. This can also be included in the insurance. But dental treatment in Cambodia is quite high level. You can also have a pregnancy and give birth in clinics in the country. If you expect this, it should also be noted in the insurance. Then the costs of these services will be covered by the insurance company.

Visa to Cambodia

In order to go to the country for treatment you need to open a visa. It is necessary to collect the following documents:
- passport (valid for at least six months and with blank pages);
- 3 color photos (3x4);
- a completed application form for a visa to the country.
Before going to Cambodia, you should find out all the information and weigh the pros and cons to avoid any unforeseen situations.