How can a foreigner apply for medical assistance in China and how much does it cost



How can a foreigner apply for medical assistance in China and how much does it cost

Illness or trauma during the trip is always unpleasant. But it still can be more disheartening. Especially when one is facing Chinese medicine. Although the government puts lots of effort into modernizing, the brunch still has lots of bugs. Lack of qualified professionals, overflow of patients (Chinese people go to see the doctor at the slightest signs of illness), and popularity of the traditional methods turn medical check-ups into an extreme quest. For foreigners, it can be mission impossible due language barrier.

What if urgent medical care is needed 

The easiest and the most obvious way - is to contact the organization which invited visa applications. It can be a travel agency, private citizen or company, governmental establishment, etc. By PRC's law, the organization mentioned is obliged to provide medical care in case of emergency.

If this method is unavailable, one may use the following alternatives:

  • Dial the first aid number: 120 or 999 (for Beijing). Note that there are no ambulances in China (except resuscitation vehicles). If one cannot get to the medical institution on his/her own the taxi will be sent. 
  • Get in touch with the international first aid center under the Ministry of Health of PRC: 64001746.
  • Call a taxi and get to the destination point. The driver would understand the English word “hospital” and the Chinese “Tijuana” (医院). 
  • Contact the embassy of your home country. Within the framework of their authority, the consular staff will help with the rights and interest protection.