What kind of medical care in Cyprus: the nuances of state and private medicine



What kind of medical care in Cyprus: the nuances of state and private medicine

The medical industry in Cyprus meets all modern requirements and has the appropriate technology. The most complex diseases are treated in specialized medical institutions. Including operations. The industry consists of public and private clinics. There is always a shortage of doctors in state structures, so it is difficult to get an appointment. And in private often high prices. Therefore, an insurance system is provided for all citizens of Cyprus and non-residents.

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State Medicine

Every big city in the country has a public hospital. There are also many private hospitals located here. There are also small "Health Centers". They receive on-duty therapists, but there are no separate doctors. There you can also take a blood test and get the necessary medicines in case of emergency.

In state institutions, patients are accepted by appointment. However, the patient rarely gets to the doctor on time. Usually, the delay is 2-3 hours. A visit to a doctor in a public hospital for Cypriot citizens and foreigners with a residence permit will be free. It makes sense for other categories of people to turn to private clinics for help.

Private medicine

There are modern medical centers in Cyprus, where specialists can solve almost any patient's problem. However, the problem lies in the very high prices. For example, the treatment of a domestic injury will cost approximately 3-5 thousand euros, and surgical intervention - 5-10 thousand euros, depending on the complexity of the operation. As a result, many citizens of Cyprus go to Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, and other countries for treatment.