Medicine in Cyprus: features of private and public health insurance



Medicine in Cyprus: features of private and public health insurance

Cyprus is a developed European country with a modern healthcare system. This is confirmed by the high life expectancy of Cypriots and functional insurance policies. Learn more about the features of private and public healthcare in Cyprus in 2024

Order an insurance policy for safe travel to any part of the world
Order an insurance policy for safe travel to any part of the world

Medicine in Cyprus meets all modern requirements. Specialized medical institutions treat the most complex diseases, including through surgery. The medical industry consists of public and private clinics. There is always a shortage of doctors in public institutions, so it is difficult to get an appointment. And private ones often have high prices. Therefore, a system of insurance is provided for all Cypriot citizens and non-residents.

The national healthcare system GESY

In March 2019, the GESY National Healthcare System was introduced in Cyprus. It allows you to visit a general practitioner free of charge. Inpatient treatment is also free of charge. Other services and goods are paid for, but their prices are significantly lower compared to market prices. 

The following categories of people can use this program:

1. EU citizens permanently residing in Cyprus;

2. Third-country nationals permanently residing in Cyprus, holders of residence permits and LTRP immigration permits;

3. Refugees whose status is officially confirmed.

The GESY system has a maximum price level that cannot be exceeded. For most users, it is 150 euros per year. For privileged categories of citizens, it is 75 euros per year. The system works by collecting a certain percentage of each local resident's salary to the state treasury. This allows to create a fund, which is used to pay for the services of healthcare workers, purchase medicines and medical equipment.

Public health insurance in Cyprus

All employed persons in Cyprus automatically become members of the social insurance system. This means that employers are obliged to transfer social tax to the state from their income, which is used to provide employees with state healthcare.

Healthcare in Cyprus is available at reduced prices for all employees. People with low incomes are provided with free medical care, while others pay for services at objective and affordable prices. Emergency medical care is provided free of charge to everyone without exception.

For foreigners from the European Union who have moved to Cyprus after participating in social insurance programs in their home country, there is an opportunity to use free state medical care for a certain period after arrival. 

Private health insurance in Cyprus

Foreigners who are not citizens of the European Union and do not have official employment in Cyprus are advised to take out private health insurance. This also applies to many Cypriots and EU citizens who prefer to have a private health insurance policy.

The main advantage of private health insurance is the absence of queues and long waits to see a doctor. Private clinics usually offer a wider choice of medical facilities and specialized doctors than public healthcare facilities. Clients also have the opportunity to choose the time and place of medical care that is convenient for them.

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Insurance coverage for foreigners in Cyprus

Insurance policies can be purchased in Cyprus from both local insurance companies and international insurance providers. Usually, local companies offer policies at more affordable prices.

Insurance policies may differ in terms of the options included and the amount of insurance coverage:

1. Some policies cover only inpatient treatment in hospitals, while others include outpatient treatment, cover the costs of visiting specialists and purchasing necessary medicines.

2.The amount of insurance coverage can also vary. Some policies provide coverage of several tens of thousands of euros, which is usually enough to cover most medical procedures. Other policies can have large amounts of coverage - up to several million euros, which allows you to pay for any complex medical interventions.

Health insurance costs in Cyprus

Let's consider the situation on the example of a family consisting of 4 people: husband, wife and 2 children. For this family, the cost of comprehensive health insurance, which includes both inpatient and outpatient treatment, will be approximately 2500 euros per year with low coverage amounts and about 3000 euros per year with maximum coverage amounts.

If a family wants to take out insurance for inpatient care only, the cost of such a policy will be about EUR 1000 per year and about EUR 2000 per year with maximum amounts of reimbursement.

It is also important to note that the cost of insurance usually increases with the age of the person. So, the older the person, the higher the cost of the policy may be.

The choice between comprehensive health insurance and inpatient-only insurance depends on the needs of the family and their financial capabilities. Comprehensive insurance will provide greater coverage of medical services, but the cost will be correspondingly higher.

Reimbursement of expenses for treatment in Cyprus

Reimbursement of expenses by insurance companies is carried out according to a generally accepted scheme, let's consider it in more detail.

In the case of inpatient treatment, the clinic sends an invoice for services to the insurance company without the patient's participation. The insurer then pays the cost of treatment.

In the case of outpatient treatment, the patient pays the doctor for the cost of the visit. The patient also pays the cost of medications prescribed by the doctor at the pharmacy. After that, the patient submits his or her receipts from the doctor, the pharmacy, and a medical record of his or her case to the insurance company. After verifying these documents, the insurance company reimburses the patient for his or her expenses.

It is important to keep in mind that not all medical expenses are included in the insurance coverage. Non-covered services include dental and cosmetic treatment, vision correction, and other procedures. Also, the treatment of chronic diseases that have already been diagnosed before the start of insurance in Cyprus may not be included in the insurance coverage.

Daria Rogova, Head of Insurance at Visit World

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