Work and employment in the Philippines: what is the labor market like and how to apply for a work visa



Work and employment in the Philippines: what is the labor market like and how to apply for a work visa

Crystal-clear ocean and thatched huts surrounded by evergreen palms - this is how the tropical Philippines appears in our imagination. The island country in Southeast Asia does look like a true paradise on earth. This is why most visitors come to the Philippine islands purely for leisure. But what if someone decides to stay in the country for longer? Can the Philippines offer a foreigner a job and favorable working conditions?

Specifics of employment in the Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines is one of the most Europeanised countries in Asia. But the business culture still retains some Asian traditions and standards of behavior. For example, hierarchy in the workplace is inviolable, so arguing with superiors is not accepted here. In general, when communicating with Filipinos, you should not raise your voice or use harsh expressions.

Foreign workers in the Philippines cannot rely on the social assistance available to the local population. However, many companies provide some benefits to foreign workers themselves. Filipino employers also make fewer demands for foreigners when recruiting and give more loyalty if they lack experience.

English is the second official language in the country after Filipino. After all, the huge influx of foreign tourists to the Philippines obliges most employees to be fluent in the main international language. Therefore, a high level of English proficiency is simply essential for anyone who wants to find a job in the Philippines. Even service workers need to communicate freely in this language.

Labor market in the Philippines

The strict English language requirements for Filipino workers enable tutors and teachers to settle well in the country. Qualified English philology specialists and native speakers can always find work in the Philippines.

The Philippine islands have a highly developed tourism sector, which is one of the main sources of funding for the budget. Therefore, the demand for staff and workers in the hotel and restaurant industry is always high. Maids, waiters, bartenders, salespeople, administrators, and managers will not be left without jobs.

A virtual business assistant is a remote job that allows you to work from anywhere in the world. In the Philippines, this profession is quite popular, especially in multinational companies. But the position of virtual assistant often requires mastery of not only English but also other foreign languages.

The civil service is a prestigious job for Filipinos. After all, working for the Philippine government will give you many privileges and benefits. To be hired as a civil servant, you must first pass a special exam. Medical workers are among the most sought-after in the Philippines. The most common vacancies are for nurses, pharmacists, obstetricians, and surgeons. The demand for workers in the medical field in particular has increased after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Philippines will be a great place to start your own business. The most successful types of entrepreneurship in the Philippines will be the following:

hospitality business;

souvenir shop;

beach equipment rental;

travel agency.

Work visa for the Philippines

All foreign nationals must have a work visa and a foreign national employment permit to work legally in the Philippines. Most often, foreigners are issued with a pre-arranged 9(g) commercial worker visa. Although there are other types of work visas for the Philippines: a temporary business visa and an international trader/investor visa.

A work permit is not required for representatives of certain countries. In particular, this applies to diplomats and foreign government officials, representatives of companies accredited in the Philippine Islands, residents of the Republic of the Philippines, and employees whose employers are located outside the Philippines. A foreigner's work permit is issued for the period specified in the employment contract.