Obtaining citizenship in russia: documents, price

Residence permit


Obtaining citizenship in russia: documents, price

A foreign citizen can apply for permanent residence in russia after 1 year of residence as well as for naturalization as a russian citizen after five years of residence. To obtain a residence permit in russia a foreigner needs to legally reside in russia has a valid permit for permanent residence in the russian federation. This is especially true for those who are in russia on long-term visas for example with a russian work visa. 

Differences between russian citizenship and russian permanent residence

A permanent residence permit in russia is a step towards obtaining russian citizenship. However, there are certain rights and benefits for both russian citizens and permanent residents. Both can get a job in russia without a work permit. In addition, both have:

free entry and exit from russia without a visa;

access to russian social services;

permanent registration at a russian address;

the right to be self-employed or start a business;

the right to vote in local elections and referendums.

The following applies only to persons with full russian citizenship:

issued with a russian passport;

full voting rights in all national elections;

the right to work in state bodies of the russian Federation;

obligation to serve in the russian army;

cannot be deported;

can live abroad for an unlimited period of time;

A permanent residence permit in russia is valid for 5 years but it can be renewed an unlimited number of times. After the expiration of the permanent residence permit in russia, it cannot be extended. It will also be invalid when leaving the country for more than 6 months.

If full russian citizenship is accepted through naturalization then it will be necessary to renounce the citizenship of one's home country. You will also have to pay a fee for obtaining russian citizenship and begin the process which can take up to a year.

Applying for permanent residence in russia

It is possible to apply for permanent residence in russia after 1 year of permanent residence in the russian Federation. This must be done 6 months before your temporary citizenship expires. Permanent citizenship in russia is valid for 5 years it can be extended an unlimited number of times but it cannot be issued after the expiration of citizenship. A russian permanent residence permit must be renewed no more than two months before its expiration. However, if the permit is withdrawn then it is required to leave russia within 15 days.

Applications for a residence permit in russia must be submitted at the GUVM office. The required documents differ depending on whether you are a citizen of a CIS country or a non-CIS country.

Documents that will be required:

4 passport-size photos;

passport or valid ID;

proof of income to support yourself and any family members you support;

confirmation of residence;

medical certificate of the absence of HIV (AIDS);

a document confirming knowledge of the russian language, knowledge of the history of russia, and the foundations of the russian Federation.

Obtaining russian citizenship

You can obtain russian citizenship in the following ways:

by birth;

through naturalization;

by restoring the citizenship of former citizens.

Applying for russian citizenship

Before applying for citizenship of the russian federation through naturalization you must submit an application to the authorized centers to renounce the citizenship that you had in your country. This request is executed only after the successful acquisition of citizenship of the russian Federation.

You will need to apply for russian citizenship through the GUVM as well as documents, including:

confirmation of russian language proficiency;

confirmation of income;

application for renunciation of current citizenship.

The cost of russian citizenship

The price of registration of citizenship of the russian Federation is 3500 rubles for registration. The cost of a passport in russian is 3500 rubles for adults, 1500 rubs. for children. You can buy a special short-term passport certificate for a period of 5 years for 2000 rubles.

 Full information about obtaining permanent residence can be found in our checklist which describes in detail the mistakes, tips for foreign citizens planning to obtain russian citizenship.

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