Obtaining permanent residence in Samoa: naturalization, dual citizenship, citizenship by investment

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Obtaining permanent residence in Samoa: naturalization, dual citizenship, citizenship by investment

The independent state of Samoa is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is located on several islands. For a long time, its territory was a colony of various empires and states, but it gained independence only in 1962. The population of the country is almost 190 thousand people. The official languages are Samoan and English. The form of government is a parliamentary monarchy.

The state is a member of the UN and the Commonwealth of Nations. The passport of this country gives great advantages to its holder. For example, a Samoan citizen can:

stay in the UK for 180 days;

visit the Schengen countries without a visa and stay in their territory for 90 days.

For receiving these privileges, the government wants to receive additional investments in its economy. However, this is not the only way to obtain citizenship or permanent residence in Samoa. Information about them is given below.

By birth or descent

Samoan citizenship is granted to a person born within the borders of Western Samoa on or after August 9, 1972, regardless of the nationality of their ancestors. Citizenship can be obtained based on origin. If a person was born later than the specified date, provided that his father was a citizen of Samoa. If the person's mother was a Samoan citizen, the place of birth does not matter.

Simple naturalization

Citizens of countries belonging to the British Commonwealth are eligible for naturalization under a simplified procedure. To do this, you need to fulfill a few simple requirements:

live in the state for at least 3 years;

not have a criminal record in the country where he came from;

know Samoan and English;

plan to continue to reside in the territory of the state.

In the case of registration of marriage with a Samoyed citizen, his wife automatically receives citizenship of this country.

Ordinary naturalization

Any foreigner, subject to several conditions, can also acquire citizenship of Samoa. These conditions include:

residence in the country for at least 5 years;

not have a criminal record in the country where he came from;

know English and Samoan;

have intentions to continue living in Samoa.

Dual citizenship and its renunciation

The laws of Samoa do not allow dual citizenship. The only exception is the case when a woman, marries a foreigner and acquires dual citizenship. A Samoan citizen may voluntarily waive it. To do this, you must come to the passport control service (or an embassy abroad) and fill out the relevant documents.

Citizenship can be forcibly revoked. This can happen in the following cases:

proven disloyalty to the country;

joining the armed forces of another country;

application for a passport and the rights of a foreigner;

taking the oath of another state;

living outside Samoa for more than 6 years without the intention of returning.

Also, the government can revoke citizenship if it is proven fraud in obtaining it.

Citizenship by investment

As mentioned above, the Samoan government is trying to attract additional investment in the state's economy through the sale of citizenship. However, this path is only suitable for wealthy citizens, since the minimum investment amount must be 4,000,000 WST. This amount corresponds to $1,466,000 as of summer 2022.

The investment takes place in two stages. The first step is to deposit 1,000,000 WST, or $366,000. After that, the foreigner receives a permanent residence permit (permanent residence). Then 3 years must pass, after which the foreigner invests the remaining amount and has the right to obtain full citizenship of the country.

The bill was introduced to the Samoan Parliament back in 2015 and has been a constant source of controversy ever since. Therefore, various adjustments are made to it periodically. If you decide to acquire citizenship by investing in Samoa, it makes sense to further clarify the information with a notary or a professional bureau, whose specialists will do this work for you.

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