Emigration for permanent residence in Iceland: conditions for obtaining a residence permit

Residence permit


Emigration for permanent residence in Iceland: conditions for obtaining a residence permit

Iceland is an island country in Scandinavia. The country is included in the ranking of the richest countries in the world. Therefore, immigration to this country is quite common. Many tourists, after traveling or studying, want to stay in Iceland to live. After all, the standard of living here is high.

Conditions for obtaining a residence permit

There are several ways to get such a certificate.

• Immigration to start a business

You can start your business here on the island. However, before that, you should understand everything. After all, there are restrictions on foreign investments in the country. You must obtain permission from the Ministry of Commerce to open your own business. But this is one of the options to get a residence permit in Iceland.

• Official employment

If you get a job here, your employer must conclude a contract with you. To travel to Iceland for employment, you will need a work visa. If you came from a non-EU country, you also need to obtain a work permit. After 3 months of work, you need to apply for a residence permit. However, if you are going to Iceland with the purpose of employment, it is better to do it right away, or when you already found a job.

• Obtaining higher education

Another way to get a residence permit is to apply for studies at a higher education institution in Iceland. First, you need to fill out a special questionnaire, and at the end of the semester, apply for continuation of studies. During your studies, you can apply for a residence permit on legal grounds. However, you will need to confirm financial support for the duration of your studies.

• Purchase of real estate

To do this, you negotiate with a realtor, and he can conclude a contract without your presence. When buying a home here, the state will grant you the right to receive a loan. Although such a purchase does not immediately allow you to issue a residence permit. However, it significantly increases your chances of getting a permit. The land here is not sold to foreigners, but it can be rented. After three years of official residence, you have the right to apply for a PR.

With a permit, you have the right to temporary residence in Iceland. You need a residence permit to establish yourself in the country and confirm your status as a resident of the country. This will entitle you to citizenship in the future.

Obtaining citizenship in Iceland

You can only get Icelandic citizenship in the following cases:

    1. If your parents have citizenship in the country.

    2. If you are an illegitimate child and your father is Icelandic.

    3. After living on the territory of the island for 7 years (naturalization process).

    4. After marriage to an Icelandic citizen.

    5. If your parents got citizenship after 5 years of life, you can get it after 2 years.

Visa to Iceland

To go to Iceland to obtain a residence permit, you need to issue a visa. To do this, you need to contact the embassy and submit the following documents:

- application questionnaire with your data;

- foreign passport (valid for at least 3 months) + copies of all pages;

- a copy of the national passport;

- certificate from the place of work;

- colour photo (3.5x4.5);

- if you are going to open a business, then documents for a private entrepreneur;

- for training, a certificate from an educational institution, and an invitation to study;

- a certificate of financial ability to cover costs;

- medical insurance.

Emigrating to another country is always an important step. After all, you need to start your life over. Here it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons, study the laws and culture of the country, and familiarize yourself with the climate and other features.