Work and employment in Samoa: industry, tourism, how to get a job for a foreigner



Work and employment in Samoa: industry, tourism, how to get a job for a foreigner

Samoa is a small island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. The population is about 200 thousand people. At the same time, the able-bodied population is estimated at 90 thousand people. A warm and favorable climate allows the development of various sectors of the economy. The economy is diversified and divided into several industries. Due to the fact that the state is located far from other countries, there are few foreigners here. Basically, they are investors who invest their money in the country's economy. However, for people who have arrived, you can always find work depending on their specialty.

Structure of the economy

The country's economy consists of the following sectors:





transport and communications.

The following is brief information about each of the industries with an indication of the demand in each of them.


In the 1960s and 1970s, intensive logging was carried out on the island of Savaii. However, over time, the pace has slowed down, and currently, the export of valuable wood species continues. On the territory of the country, there are a number of enterprises engaged in relevant activities.

Textiles also make up a large part of the industry. Foreign investors, mainly from Japan, invest in this industry. They supply their own equipment here and hire local workers to work on it. At the same time, the equipment is serviced by the Japanese.

Soap and breweries, textile factories, and workshops for the production of home and office furniture operate in the country. However, most products, with the exception of textiles, are mainly intended for domestic consumption.

There is an underdeveloped food industry. The country has factories for the production of coconut oil, confectionery, and ice cream, as well as a local branch of the Coca-Cola Corporation. However, the Samoan government either buys most of its food from abroad or receives it from outside as humanitarian aid. This is a significant disadvantage, as the world's food crises also cause food problems in the country.

The government encourages the development of folk crafts. There is a whole industry involved in the production of various original jewellery, clothing, furniture, and other things. These goods are exported abroad.

Despite the relatively weak development of industry, income from it accounts for almost 60% of the country's gross domestic product. Therefore, in industry, you can always find a job for a foreigner, especially one with an education and a demanded qualification.


Since Samoa is in favourable climatic conditions, the tourism industry is constantly developing here. As of summer 2022, tourism revenue accounts for 25% of the country's gross domestic product. From 100 to 200 thousand tourists from all over the world come here every year. Therefore, in the service sector, workers are constantly needed.

Most of the work is done by local people. However, foreigners who are fluent in Chinese, Japanese, and other foreign languages are highly valued. They, as a rule, work as tour guides, guides, and instructors in various sports. If you go to work in a well-known company, then in this position you can get high wages.


Despite the fact that 77% of the population of Samoa lives in rural areas, agriculture is not very developed here. Currently, the main crops are cocoa, copra, and bananas. Rubber and coffee are produced in small quantities.

There is a small segment of fishing. However, it is almost never exported, but consumed by the local population. There is no industrial catch. Most locals work here.


Only 35% of electricity is generated by existing hydroelectric power plants. The rest of its amount is produced at the expense of imported energy carriers. Therefore, there are few jobs in the energy sector. The exception is graduate engineers.

Transport and communications

The country has very poorly developed roads. Basically, these are unpaved roads. Faleolo has an international airport. There are highly valued employees with education related to aviation. They receive high wages.

How to get a job as a foreigner

The employer is responsible for issuing a work visa for a foreigner. Many companies in Samoa are forced to hire foreigners if their qualifications exceed those of local residents. The government does not interfere with this and allows them to be hired.

However, there are two ways for an employee - to contact the employer directly or work with an intermediary. The employer can issue a visa and all related documents for a long time. However, he can change his mind. Therefore, the best option is to contact a professional employment office. Here you can find a job in Samoa, as well as arrange all the necessary documents. The agency staff will do all the work for you.

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