How to get a job in Brazil: types of work visas, salaries, prospects



How to get a job in Brazil: types of work visas, salaries, prospects

Brazil is a highly developed economic country. It leads the world in the production of everyone's favourite drink - coffee and oranges. Brazil also has large reserves of oil and iron ore. Due to the high development of the country, labour immigration is increasing every year. 

Work for foreigners in the country is available. Qualified specialists are always needed here. There is a shortage of certified engineers, builders, and IT workers in the country. Of course, you can find work in other areas as well. The main thing is to have the desire and be a professional in your field. However, competition in the country for working cities is also growing. 

Conditions of employment 

If you are immigrating to the country as a potential worker, you need to start by looking for jobs and vacancies that suit you. Then you need to brush up on your language, as almost the entire population in Brazil speaks Portuguese. This will play an important role when applying for a job. 

To get a job in Brazil, you need to complete three important documents: 

• labour contract with the employer; 

• work permit; 

• and open a visa. 

You need to find a company that will be ready to hire you and be able to act as your sponsor. If you have found a job, you need to apply for a permit. This can be done at the Ministry of Labour and Employment in Brazil. The main condition is compliance with labour and tax legislation. However, you should have great advantages over local potential employees: education, qualifications, and work experience. If your application is accepted, you can apply for a visa. To do this, you need to contact the Brazilian consulate in your country. You will be given a list of documents that need to be collected. They must be translated into Portuguese and notarized. The whole procedure of such a migration can take more than a month.